Float Alaska's Arolik River

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  1. The Overlake Fly Fishing Club is Floating the Arolik River (North of Dillingham, and just south oif the Kanecktok River) July 19-28, and has had a cancellation and is trying to find a replacement for the person who cannot make it. The club participants are splitting the expenses, and they will not exceed $1900, but does not include air fare from your home to Bethel and return. This is a fly fishing only trip, and it is aimed at catching Leopard Rainbows, Char, Sockeye and silver salmon. This is one trip where it is possible to catch the grand slam - a King, Sockeye, Silver, Chum, Pink and Char. The river gets floated 2-3 times a year, so the rainbows are not spooky and readily take a fly. Contact Dick at 425 481-3063 for more informaiton.
  2. That's quite the offer Dick! I'd love to make that trip again, and if my schedule weren't already so cluttered I'd be on it in a heartbeat. Have a great adventure!

  3. Yes, I will be doing another club trip to the Arolik this year, in July when the Kings are in the river. The grayling fishing was fantastic - I'll bet a world record will come out of this river, they were huge. Let me know if you might be interested in joining us - the club makes no money, and we all share the expenses. No one get paid, and everyone pitches in to do all the work of setting up and tearing down camp. It should go for about $1100 to 1300 for a week + of fishing.
  4. Oh Dick, this is so tempting and I'd kill to go but I have work stuff I can't get out of. Shoot!!! Someone should jump on this fast.

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