float tubes in the salt

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Sean Beauchamp, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. Sean Beauchamp Teepee Creatchin'

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    what do i know, im just a rabid apache

    anyone ever have any problems using float tubes out in the salt? for the first time i am boatless during the salmon season and it is killing me:bawling :beathead . i know of a nice little bay that would be a lot of fun to float tube, but i am still apprehensive. i did a search on the web and found a site where these guys gear fish for halibut in their pontoon boats off the coast of california! that kind of lit a fire under my arse to use my tube out here. anyone care to share any experiences?

  2. Scott Behn Active Member

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    I have often wondered the same. Since I'm boatless figured it would be kind of cool to float tube it.

  3. Frank Glaspey New Member

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    I only tried in once. It really depends on how strong the tide is. You don't want to get pulled out on the outgoing tide. I had a good time when I did it and didn't have a problem!

    Have fun.

  4. Backyard SANCHO!

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    I've had some sealions come real damn close when i was wading on shore.. i don't know how id feel with my legs dangling under water with those guys cruising around. But ive seen people out ther doing it.
  5. markp Guest

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    I've wondered if it would be doable right at Lincoln park in west seattle. I've seen a lot of fish right by the ferry terminal before.
  6. Couleeflyfisher Member

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    I had a real blast with a float tube at Hoodsport one year, hooked a dozen or so chums but only landed a few. It's a great way to fish, especially bays or any quiet water. Go for it!!!
  7. skater New Member

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    You have to be crazy and rabid just wading in the sound can be like a river. There is some serious water out there and when it gets going you could get to know the coast gaurd really well if you are lucky. Be carefull there is alot of water moving out there and the slack only last a short time. :eek:
  8. Craig M Almost Senior Member

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    I was Coast Guard. There are some places where the current can get very strong ie. presidents point. be sure you are wearing a P.F.D. and really wash your tube when done salt is hard on every thing
  9. D3Smartie Active Member

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    i used to fish out of my tube a lot in the salt and did very well in certain situations. I really liked it when the cutts or resident cohos were feeding in shallow bays and over oyster beds on euphasids and I could move quietly around and pick them off as they moved past.
    Any area without current is prefered but light current is OK if you make sure to pay attention to the tides and wind which will take you out deep quickly.

    I have also fished out of a tube down in CA for halibut, perch and other fish. It is quite fun but the wave action when coming ashore can be a little risky.

    If i were you, I would use the tube without worry but make sure you know the tides and the area in which you plan to fish.
  10. Rob Blomquist Formerly Tight Loops

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    I would think that you would have to be careful, as currents in the sound can get mighty powerful, something the SoCal float tubers don't have to contend with.

    I would make sure that the tidal change was not too big, and that the weather would not be windy before I went out.

  11. wet line New Member

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    To fish out of a tube when the salmon are running and there are a lot of boats around would qualify one for a trip to see a shrink!
    I fish out of a small boat and the larger boats just don't see me very well. Have had some close encounters that were not fun. Plus the wakes that some boats throw could be a bad experience in a tube.
    If the people fishing aren't bad enough then there are the ski do people and the hot doggers in their Mirages racing along the shore at high speed.
    Sounds like a dissaster waiting to happen to me.

  12. Salmon Candy Member

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    I think float tubes work well in the salt if used with a little bit of discretion. I've used my tube at Kayak Point, Potlatch and McAllister Creek without any problems from boaters, seals or other sea creatures. I don't keep fish so the seals and sea lions are merely curious instead of dogging me for a meal.
    Current and wind direction can be an issue if both are running the same direction. Basically that turns the float into an aerobic exercise.
    Good advice about wearing a PFD and washing down your gear-all of it-when you get home.
    I talked with a guy at Kauffman's last Friday who said he has seen tubers off Lincoln Park-I've never fished there so have no personal info.
  13. Dipsnort New Member

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    I don't think I'd have the "courage" to do salt in a float tube for several reasons, but if you do, I would also strongly recommend wearing a bright orange hat and carrying along a headlamp just in case.
  14. erok2020 New Member

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    I have wanted to put my pontoon boat in the sound but I am worried about the salt. Actually, I think it would be okay as long as I washed it real well... but the boat's manual advises against it. I would hate to have seams popping out while I am 100 feet from shore. I would not expect that to happen but I have no idea how the seams would respond to the salt.
    Will salt dramatically reduce the life of a boat/float, even if it is washed after every use?

  15. Dipsnort New Member

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    I really really really want to take my pontoon boat out in the sound for salmon, but I have the same concerns with the effects from salt as you! :hmmm

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    I would think it is still a matter of "safety first" out there. You would be thinking about other boats not being able to see you so well, currents and the problem of manuverability in stronger currents, boat wakes flipping you over, visibility in a ground fog situation. Remember, unless you have a metallic radar reflector rigged up on a tall pole you will not show up on radar.

    So if you do this I would suggest wearing a good open- water PFD, or at least a very good and highly rated white water PFD. Have a signal strobe light, a package of pencil flares and wear a whistle on a lanyard around your neck. I would also use a small hand-held compass and take a bearing on your landing site a few times through the day. Keep it in mind that a sudden late morning ground fog could leave you paddling in a white-out situation with no visual reference to land.

    I have looked at a number of smaller bays here that I would like to try this in but I feel that the local recreational boating traffic is unskillful enough to prevent me from doing this: They motor past me as I am wading thigh deep off of the beach and they smile and wave as the throw a six foot wake off their stern.
  17. soreshoulder New Member

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    i have had a great time using my float at hoodsport and some of the surrounding waters. that is until last year i gave up... i had several over zelous gear chuckers in boats decide i was fair game along with the salmon. more than one boat load told me it would be "my" fault if they reeled me in. and yes they did change the direction they were casting to launch buzz bombs over my head. but when they arent around and current is not an issue, a float tube is great. several times sea lions or seals (not sure) have removed a salmon from the end of my line.
  18. Sean Beauchamp Teepee Creatchin'

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    what do i know, im just a rabid apache

    my aunt and uncle live in a private beach community, just around the corner from tulalip bay and within a couple miles of kayak point. i was there today scoping out the prospect of dragging along the tube. and i am all for it! the bay has relatively no currents, is somewhat protected from the wind and the only thing i would be dodging would be the surfacing humpies! ill be back out tonight and will let you all know how i do.

    ~sean, the young man sitting on a gold mine~