Float tubes vs. Pontoon boats

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Matt Hutch, Sep 8, 2009.

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    Matt, I have a SuperCat float tube and I think they are the best craft available for flyfishing stillwaters. Use the search tool on this site for "supercat" and read the posts. They are expensive, but if you start with an inexpensive float tube and then upgrade to a pontoon boat you will spend more in the long run. You get what you pay for. Several people have had their SuperCat for 12 years. I purchased mine in 2004 and I have no desire to even look at another float tube or pontoon boat. If you enjoy fishing stillwaters you won't regret it.
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    Very good advice. Super Fat Cats have many of the advantages of a pontoon (high seating position, efficient propulsion) without some of the disadvantages (weight, complexity of assembly, storage).

    Additionally, the higher-end SFCs (as opposed to the similar-appearing Fish Cats) with high quality urethane bladders are quite durable and long lasting. Combined with Outcast's legendary customer service and support and you've got an unbeatable floatation device.

    Put another way, I fish stillwater almost exclusively. I've got 8 floatation devices to choose from, including a 22 ounce Curtis Raft, three different float tubes, a SFC, a Watermaster and two pontoons. I fish out of my SFC probably 2 to 1 over ALL the rest of the boats combined.

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    Just fyi, Supercat is different than the outcast SFC.


    I like the looks of both products but don't own one because my WM works for what I do.
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    Ugh - my bad! Another clear-cut case of me misreading an original post. I'm clearly so enamored with my Super Fat Cat that I erroneously assumed that everyone else must feel the same way! Thanks for catching my error troutpocket.

    Although I don't own a Super Cat and have never used one, I still stand by my original comments favoring the SFC as my watercraft of choice, even when I have a lot of choices available.

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    I own multiple SFC's, which after using I'd never go back to any other type of float tube etc. I've got them with the old foam seat as well as the inflatable seat. I've put a lot of use on them with only one minor issue. Outcast took care of it no questions asked.
    I use ithe SFC's way more then my 8' Outcast pontoon.
    I'm going to add a Outcast Prowler to the stable next spring.
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    i've had two float tubes fished in them for 25 years in them.wind is a problem, and with a pair of small fins like force fins make it tough on the pins.look in ebay for proper scuba fins[cressi,us diver,omer] they are better and will get you there quicker.but a pontoon has a better sight-angle to see the fish and under water obstacles.
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    Mark, this and the other posts you responded to are pretty old. Check the upper left for the post date before responding.