Float tubes - Which Mouth inflate?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Dan Reynolds, May 9, 2004.

  1. Dan Reynolds

    Dan Reynolds Member

    Which float tubes allow you to easily deflate and Mouth inflate while sitting in them?

    I posted a similar post a while back, but let me narrow down my qwest.

    I'm looking to do fish some hike/mtb in lakes this spring.

    The caddis navigator IV looked decent, light and has a mouth tube. What else do you guys use? Weight is not the primary concern. My fishcat4 is a bit heavy and i don't trust the boston valves for deflation while fishing....a half turn too much and you would be sinking fast!!
  2. LeakyTiki

    LeakyTiki Member

    I can't imagine why you would want to deflate a tube while you are in it? Am I missing something?:dunno
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  3. Dan Reynolds

    Dan Reynolds Member

    Start fishing and the temp is 60....80 mid day...fish at night, temp down again. Those things can pop if you aren't careful.

    Plus...I want the option not to have to take a pump if i'm packing light.
  4. Wayne Jordan

    Wayne Jordan Active Member

    All of the TU tubes do, to my knowledge anyway. I'll give you a ring this week sometime...:thumb
  5. Scott Salzer

    Scott Salzer previously micro brew

    My Caddis does, U-tube. Emporium is having a sale later this month, you might get a deal.
  6. Curtis

    Curtis New Member

    I will second the caddis U-tube. However after about 5-6 years of having it, it has developed a small leak.
  7. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    If I tried to blow up a float tube by mouth. I would hyper-ventilate(SP)(What a big word). And just pass out. I have trouble blowing up balloons.

  8. Jason

    Jason Trout Bum

    I have a GI Joes Tube (North X Northwest I believe) It is easy to blow up by mouth. It has 4 areas to blow up. I only deflate the main bladder between trips. Very light weight.
  9. Kent Lufkin

    Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

    I've got both TU and Caddis tubes and they all have a light blue twist value that allows them to be inflated either by mouth or with a pump.

    Since one of them has a slow leak, I keep a two-foot piece of 3/4" ID clear plastic tubing in that one's pocket. I can slip the tubing over the outside of the blue value, put the other end in my mouth and twist the valve to open it, thus allowing me to inflate the tube on the water.

    Measure your value to be sure of the exact size then go to Home Depot and buy a chunk of tubing for about $1.00.
  10. bhudda

    bhudda heffe'

    i have the caddis navigator and like the feature of having the mouth piece, ive used it a couple times when i m out on the water to blow back up, mostly on the hot days. good tube, ihave a caddis v tube that has boston valves and it went low on me a couple weeks ago and i couldnt do anything while i was on the water. just my 3 cents - B

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  11. PaulE

    PaulE New Member

    Not to hi-jack this thread or anything, but does anyone know where I can get info on North x Northwest float tubes? I have one that needs a new bladder and I'm having a lot of trouble tracking one down. :beathead:

  12. Tony Mull

    Tony Mull Member

    those nXnw tubes have the option of mouth inflation and even came with a tube and attachement that makes it pretty easy. i have used mine to top off when inflating with an electric blower to get them nice and tight. you will never find a new bladder though i'm afraid. gijoes still sells them cheap, i got two for 70 bucks on sale years ago. i also had a bladder fail but because of a leaky bottle of deet, not the bladder. there's a chance any u shaped tube would work though. best to take it to a friendly shop and find out before buying one or test out a friends.