Floating another gun ban at the NYT

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  1. Interesting this is appearing before the upcoming elections.Amazing what a stable family upbringing, education will do to reduce gun violence. Every pick up and car in my high school parking lot had a rifle and or shotgun prominently displayed. Not one incident of gun related violence in over50 years. banning an object is much easier than addressing severe cultural rot.

    Not mentioned as solution in the article though.

  2. Typical anti-gun drivel, blame someone/something else instead of the real people issues. Transferal of blame is a wonderful thing for people with diminished intelligence.
  3. True. "Transferal of blame is a wonderful thing for people with diminished intelligence"
    Our public school system at work.
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  4. Seems to me that you guys are over the top. I don't agree with her either but she is entitled to her opinion and fanaticism on both sides of the issue add nothing to the conversation.

    Flame on...:)
  5. Nah, piss on it...
  6. A total ban on ALL firearms would seem perfectly normal for many urban dwellers on the East and West Coast. People like Steve A

    If there was an article or oped suggesting all women should be banned from votingnand the work place can you imagine the outrage?

    no accident that this article appeared in the NYT one of the most if not the MOST influential media outlets in the US. A lot of the current policy is pushed through the NYT and Washington Post.

    I just posted because I thought the timing was interesting

  7. My observation is that in places where you really need one, you can't carry, and places where you don't need one, most everyone carries. But I realize that it's a stretch of whatever passes for common sense among my former colleagues, leaning out the windows of the ivory tower. I never met a "law professor" (and my office was right across the street from UC Davis' King Hall-their law school) who had anything other than squat for brains.
  8. You speak for me? I guess you missed where I said "I don't agree with her".

    I don't see a conspiracy. I see an opinion piece by an "associate professor". So what. They are a dime a dozen.
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  9. "A dime a dozen"...Pegged it!!
  10. We might want to ask which came first, the cause or the effect? :)
  11. No ribka and roper got it right. It's BS propaganda. Google Obama+UN+ firearms treaty. The second amendment looks to be the next of our rights to fall. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But it is on the chopping block. and they don't want to take them cause of violence...that's more BS.
  12. The 2nd Amendment has been on the "chopping block" for years.
    "they" (whoever the f--k "they" are) can't take over the world if Americans are armed.
  13. I, for one, am not going to waste my time reading and sifting through that garbage. Few, if any who lean towards that point of view have enough intelligence to engage in meaningful debate.
  14. They say hunting licenses have been decreasing yearly nation wide by 2%...'they' blame lack of public lands, generations passing, etc. However, my opinion would be that it is a society that has moved further away from outdoors and have been led to believe that it is not ethical to hunt or is irrisponsible for adults with children to own or possess guns. Ironically we can pump out crap that imitates combat/gun violence and nobody protests the sales of it, not parents, legislature, etc. It doesn't make sense a responsible parent taking their kid to hunter safety probably would receive more flak than one handing 'Call of Duty Modern Combat' to their kids on X-mas.
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  15. Andrew is right about lack of public lands and attitudes re hunting. We are increasingly 'urban'. Fewer people are hunting. And selfishly maybe that isn't all bad.

    I don't understand the concern re the 2nd Amendment. The Supreme Court has supported the wording and meaning. The Obama administration has been mostly neutral and has lessened some gun restrictions. Regardless no President can impose gun control.

    Logistically and politically gun control is not a reality. There are over 200 million guns in the US and over 100 million households. The NRA has found increasing support from the Democrats currently in office and the NRA remains one of the most powerful lobbies in DC.
    Congress is not even discussing gun control.

    Amending the Constitution to change or repeal the 2nd Amendment would require a 'supermajority' of Congress plus ratification by 3/4 of the states...and according the the Supreme Court would have to be done in a timely matter, i.e., no drawn out political battles. Anyone see that happening? 3/4 of the states lie in the middle of the country and last time I looked they were almost all 'red' states.

    There is no threat from the UN. Nothing has even been drafted, much less signed. UN actions can't/don't affect our laws. There is a UN conference on international movement of large quantities of arms. Unless you are an international arms dealer or planning a revolution in another country there is no threat to your gun rights.

    Just my 2cents.
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  16. fixj, if you believe what you just wrote, I'm sorry.
    Just keep a loaded firearm handy, ya never know when you'll need it.
  17. Gary, no reason to be sorry.

    Yes I do believe what I wrote , and do have a gun handy should I ever need it. Hopefully I won't. I am not anti gun.
    The US won't ratify any UN treaty that would infringe on the Second Amendment. Repealing or changing the Second Amendment is virtually impossible for the reasons I stated in my original post.

    I would concede that someone will likely propose legislation on curbing the sale of assault weapons.
  18. Gary....I'm with you on this one. You gotta be asleep to believe what he's saying. When I go to pick up the grandkids at the school, there is a RCW posted that this is a gun free zone, and I need to disarm myself even though I have a permit. When I go to the theater, there is the same sign. Gee, I wonder where I would go if I wanted to shoot some people and didn't want anyone to shoot back! They think theses signs will stop the problem but all they do is prevent us from defending ourselves. I got a great solution, let's just outlaw all outlaws and then the problem is solved. Shouldn't we pass a law about breaking the law? Declare a crime free zone!
  19. I think that's been tried.....Surprise, surprise.....I didn't work. :rolleyes:
  20. Fishing at its root is a blood sport and will be next on the block after hunting.

    But they are discussing limitations on things like magazine capacity and ammunition sales. Gun control does not always equal banning guns. After Aurora a few senators tacked on gun related language to the Cyber Security bill that would ban all magazines with +10 capacity stating national security concerns.

    This is largely correct although the UN did draft a Arms Trade Treaty that failed to get much support. I do wonder if such a treaty would impact the importation of guns from other countries within the EU (Heckler & Koch, Sig Sauer, Glock, Steyr, FNH, Beretta, Beneli) an http://www.snopes.com/politics/guns/untreaty.asp

    Read how broad the language is in the draft and you can see why people get alarmed http://www.snopes.com/politics/info/att.pdf

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