floating Caddis Emergers ?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Canedawg, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. I was wondering what caddis emergers patterns people prefer. I am going to tie some,and I was wondering what main colors and sizes folks here use. I have quite a few Lafontaine style emergers I tied,but want to redo my caddis emergers. I cannot fish until the 7-24-05 (2 major surgries in 4 months) so I am going to revamp my fly boxes. Also ,Iwas thinking of doing an x-caddis pattern but with an antron body and shuck. I was very interested in what other tiers think or suggest. Thanks in advance on any advice

    Thanks,Mark Harris.
  2. The X-Caddis is a highly effective pattern as are the LaFontaine patterns. If you have a selection of those in a few sizes and colors I don't think you can go wrong. In my experience tan and olive seem to be the ones that have performed consistently with a creamy-orange doing ok as well.

    As an attempt to simplify things I have gone to a pattern I call the Miracle Caddis. It is simple to tie and has few materials; Antron trailing shuck, 2 colors of dubbing (one for the body and one for the head) and a deer-hair wing. It's kind of like an X-Caddis with a dubbed head or a LaFontaine Emergent Sparkle Pupa without the Antron overbody. Grease it up so it stays dry or put it on the end of a sinking leader and fish it sunk; either way it has worked well.

    If you can find a copy of Randle Stetzer's "Flies; The Best 1000" you will find a whole bunch of patterns from which to choose.

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