Floating or wading the Yak

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  1. According to Red's, the caddis hatch on the Yak is hot and heavy, and the flow is around 3200. I'm planning to fish on Tuesday. I'd prefer to float, but will wade if I can't find someone to help self-shuttle. I'd probably start at Ringers either way, although I am flexible. I'll probably stay over in Ellensburg if can find a cheap motel, and fish Wednesday, too.

    Anyone interested in joining me for either floating or wading?
  2. Wish I could, but have commitments both days. Keep me in mind. I'm usually available mid-week.
  3. I have not seen as much caddis activity in the upper stretches (Cle Elum area). I am going over there in a couple of hours and I will let you know what I see. The Teanaway has cleared up quite a bit and I don't think it is adding any color to the Yak.
  4. Sounds fun, wish I could get the day off... I floated Ringer to Umtanum yesterday and the caddis hatch was insane! The water flows were great and the river is starting to really clear up, good luck!
  5. I just got back from the Cle Elum State launch and I was shocked at how clear the water is - still dropping and the tribs like the Teanaway are running clear now too! There were a few caddis coming off and as I stood there the number of bugs coming off was increasing. There is a little wind - but it would be a great afternoon for throwin' a few. I think I will.

    The forecast for tomorrow is for a big temperature drop and rain starting in the mid-morning. The rain won't hurt but a fifteen degree temp drop is going to ruin the fishing I think.

    If I can slip away for an hour I will add a report to this thread for those who come from the other side.
  6. Consider bringing a bug-net for the face. Also, didn't see a single fish rise yesterday. This was above Umtanum. P5190075.JPG P5190078.JPG
  7. I've heard that in situations like the above, fish actually get full and no longer bother eating. At least that's what I tell myself when I'm at work and see pictures like this and can't get away.
  8. I think this was the situation yesterday, we had a couple fish take the fly but you really had to work hard and didnt see many fish feeding. However, I heard they were eating like crazy the previous day. Reminds me of Alaska where the rainbows will eat a ton of sockeye eggs and go through a stage of no eating for a while - making the fishing tough. Im no biologist, but I try and use this excuse when I dont catch fish. :)
  9. Fishing is tough during the day but from 6:30 on it is red hot. Guides are free fishing today from Reds to Mahres starting at 5pm.
  10. Please keep the reports coming, I have a date with the river on Thursday if the weather cooperates.
  11. Report is rain - lots of rain right now as it is pouring and cloud cover is thick. If it stops in the next hour we should be OK in a day or so, if it keeps up for a couple more hours or more things are going to color up a bit.
  12. It looks like rain and it feels like rain..here comes the rain.
  13. Going on a float with Reds on Saturday. Hope the river isn't too high or cloudy by then. Hopefully the rain will taper off after today.
  14. The rain stopped after a couple of hours. It managed to drop the water temps about four degrees (48.8) but at 2:30 the river was clear as a bell and the Teanaway was clear too. The wind is up - blowing at about twenty but all-in-all the weather did not cause as much damage as it could have.
  15. "It looks like rain and it feels like rain..here comes the rain." all that is missing is the guitar solo.
  16. David, pleasure to meet you yesterday, glad you waited it out and we got to fish a bit. BTW, what'd you think of that bamboo? ;)
  17. Well, we had some interesting weather last night for May (2/3 into the month). It is 38 (now) just three miles east of Cle Elum. There is plenty (yep) of new snow in the hills surrounding the Yak valley. It poured at my shack (2,300 feet) about 200 to 300 feet above town last night for about three hours.

    The Teanaway is coming up fast and brown and I assume the Yak will soon follow suit. They are calling for more snow above 3,500 feet and more rain in the lower elevations. It has stopped raining - but it looks like there is more coming soon. All in all, this weather should have happened in March. But it didn't. For those of you thinking of throwing a few this weekend, if it rains anymore, you may want to save your money and time. Just a thought.
  18. Rained all day but the water seems to have stayed clear - but the best temps have just been about 40.
  19. teedub

    I appreciate the news updates. I won't be over Thursday as planned, but when i do make the trip, i will send ya a PM and buy you a beer or 3 when in town.
  20. Stay on the upper river the lower has blown out as of this morning, Wilson Creek was flowing mud and stumps from the fire on the a trib of the Wilson.

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