Floating or wading the Yak

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  1. Doc,


  2. I'd cancel that trip if you can! upper and lower blown out and not looking good for a week or more. Lakes all showing 100% this morning and the gates are open
  3. That'll keep the crowds away...!! ;)

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    Derek, I wish that were the case! I had the wife and kid all worked up to float at least two evening hatches this weekend as I saw the water coming down.... and then the down pour! Nice to see you got at least a day out there this week in good water! Shooting myself for not getting out there before the water came up again!
    I see your at home reading and not getting the boat wet today!
  5. Latest post from JR, posted today. you know its blown out !

    Last Blowout of the Year – Yak Report
    The rain has been relentless. It was Forest Gump rain almost all day yesterday and we actually had an argument at the shop that the Adipose Skiff that was full of water was like that because it was running off the roof and filling the boat up. Ol’ Craig won the argument. The roof wasn’t contributing to filling the boat up at all. Unreal amounts of rain here on the sunny side of the state.
    This is going to be the last wipeout of the year. The lower river is absolutely wiped out and then some. The upper river is coming up now thanks to the “dam releases”, yes I said it. Damn releases! The reservoirs are FULL. Check out this link if you haven’t ever looked at it before: http://www.usbr.gov/pn/hydromet/yakima/yaktea.html
    Overall this is a good thing. The fishing we experienced last week will happen again when the river drops but in the meantime we’ll need to find something else to do. Consider coming to Isaak’s Ranch with us this Saturday. The river is going to be out of whack any way so you might as well come stick a few pigs at the lake with us.
  6. Indeed, it's been an up and down spring, but it's the new normal. Snuck one in on Tuesday for sure...
  7. I loved it!
  8. Still believing that report? :)
  9. Well!!!! I am not sure if the next write up from JR has me thinking or just the fact that my fly fishing finger has me itching to get out, but I am thinking about it now. Of course it wouldn't be the first time I went for a long ride for nothing !
  10. The upper river is in excellent shape. Clarity and flows are good, good afternoon hatches, and the weather has been decent. Caught a number of fish on top yesterday!
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  11. Derek got any time on Monday to teach me the upper Cle Elum area of the Yakima?
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  12. I'd say the yak is fishing well, just did an afternoon till dark float through the canyon. Caddis adult with emerger trailed behind cast towards feeding fish tight along the bank. Just make sure you're casting at rising trout and not the little salmon smolt.

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