Floatplane Searuns

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by miyawaki, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. He named names

  2. For that he must be flogged! Oh, wait.....
  3. Nice advertisement.

    Lets make a little known fishery a BIG known fishery.
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  4. Sounds like fun! I think $300 seems pretty reasonable for a trip like this.

    If there is anyone representing the Searun fishery in the Puget Sound, I want it to be Leland. I'm glad that there was a barbless and C&R blurb at the end of the article.
  5. I was like Tattoo when I saw it like a month ago:

    It was kind of a raw rainy day...

    Who among us has not dreamed of flying a float plane and fishing wherever the hell they want?
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  6. I see this kind of post and think $300? hmm, not so bad, but why do that when for a cool $900 I could build my own Pygmy kayak kit, take oh, 10 or so months to get it done and as well as have the boat any ol' time I needed it, I would have the benefit of having it in the garage for the wife to hang and stack things on/from it.

    That settles that, I'm building a boat. :cool:
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  7. Constructeur, You almost have it figured out. What you really need to do is find a wife of one of the other guys that already built their boat. Tell her you want to take it off their hands. That way you'll have your boat without the time, hassle, and amount of money to build your own. You won't feel nearly as bad either when you don't use that boat and it just collects clutter in the garage.

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  8. Judging by the number of boats in the attached photo, this spot is already BIG known. So please give Leland a break.

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  9. I think CLO is just joking FlyGuy. There are some guys that would be very angry about guides blowing up fishing spots though
  10. I'm in that big tie up of boats in the middle. We figured it out looking at Google Maps. This was a few years ago, Underwater Music Festival. Not too much fishing going on.
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  11. A float plane to fish the South Sound? Was this an ad for Kenmore Air or Orvis? Save your money and carbon emissions with a short kayak trip.
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  12. Why not think really big? $300,000: Flight lessons, float plane lessons and endorsement, and go out and buy a float plane...

    I thought it a neat idea my self, but, it's blow the solitude I like when I fish. 12 other rods on the same beach are a little to much for me. But, again, it's a cool idea. I'm in for my own float plane. Super Cub with floats.!!!
  13. Years ago I was on Merrill Lake one evening fishing the Hex hatch when a guy landed on the lake in what I believe was a Super Cub on floats. He taxied to shore and tied up the aircraft. He had a young ingénue with him and put her on shore while he opened up a FoldaBoat and rowed out to meet the hatch. The ingénue was unhappy. She whined. She wanted to go home. There were big yellow bugs around! I felt sorry for the guy, he tried to do something cool but had to pay attention to the whiner and left in defeat. Pick your fishing companions wisely.

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  14. This is what I am saying. No offense to Leland but the "exotic" south sound is best approached via feet or paddles. North Sound, Straits, or San Juans might be better suited to this heavy tactic. Just sayin' [​IMG]

    No, two wrongs do not make a right. [​IMG]
  15. Although I won't deny anyone their own personal ideas of a pleasurable trip, taking a float plane into a PS beach kinda puts me off a bit. Especially if that plane taxis into a beach I'm fishing.

    It kinda reminds me of the backcountry ski trips I used to do in the Canadian mountains.

    Our group would "skin up" the peaks on our telemark or randonee gear for many hours and then take a lunch break before the downhill. Then we'd see a CMH helo drop off a bunch of skiers below us who'd quickly poach all the good lines.

    Was it disappointing?

    Yes, to a degree.

    Although it did cost something to arrive in that place, we paid for our trip more with self-reliance and sweat-equity as opposed to the dollars they'd spent.

    We found that somewhat consoling and still felt we had a better experience!

    But "suum cuique"! ;)
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  16. I think you could load more people on one of the "ducks" they use for the Seattle tours. A nice beachside lunch could be served with a fine wine. Let's make this fishing an industry like all the other great trout fisheries have become.
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  17. Thanks for the link Leland, fun read. This would be a fun day trip, just like it is fun to beach the boat and fish a beach that gets few fishermen. Only this trip includes an opportunity for a float plane trip. Pretty cool.
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  18. I'm sure the peanut gallery will have something to say about this,I think it's a cool way to spend the day I just wish that I could have made the trip.
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