flounder off the beach with flies at shilshole?

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  1. Have a road trip back to my old boyhood neighborhood and was wondering has anyone done much with flies off of goldengardens ? thought I would look for some flounder or ?? while there
    thanks smitty
  2. I used to live in Ballard and fished GG a lot- there are SRC, salmon, flounder all to be had there.

    You'll want to tie up some Clousers!!

    Sinking line will help get to flounder level- intermediate for upper water column fish
  3. From what I've read is small (like 2 1/2" and under) Clousers are good for flounder.
  4. Just be careful not to fish the south side of the point (where the good fishing would be) as shillshole bay is closed until late august
  5. North side of Meadow Point at GG the beach slopes out gently for nearly 100 yards. Lots of flounder to be had anywhere between the rip rap and the point. They'll hit clousers or sculpin patterns (and pink buzz bombs...).

    As mentioned, inside of meadow point to west point line opens Sept. 1. Drop off is sharper on SW side, fishy-er and I've found small SRC around the old pilings. Hoping for my first pre-work coho off that beach this year.

    If you have boat or kayak access, just beyond and south of the green nav buoy off Meadow Point can be pretty good for coho and blackmouth. Makes fishing GG on a busy afternoon or evening a possibility too.
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  6. PM Golfman44 for flounder guiding
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  7. I only guide for Picnic Point halibut.
  8. I'll sell you a google map of Lincoln park with the whole beach area circled in red for $5
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  9. how much for a map of where the steelies of the north fork of the stilly are this year ?
  10. Well, I'm in Cali and so have not done my usual amount of recon. :(

    There's a LOT of great water between Oso and Cicero thst NOONE fishes. Log cabin, elbow, hell hole, etc etc if you're willing to wet wade/swim/whatever it takes...... You'll get on a shitload of PRIME water. Maybe you will run into Mike Kinney fishing his run, although I bet it's silted up badly.
  11. My profile pic steelhead is a NF Stilly fish from log cabin
  12. Is that the run in front of the house made out of logs?
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  13. yup
    there are a few ways to get to that run. the short way, and the LOOONG way
  14. thanks for all the info clousers sound good annother is the crazy charlie types too. I am aware of what I cal the inshore nusery closure but if I read the regs right it is only closed for salmon , naturally you would relese any off season species
    thanks smitty
  15. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1406002557.713301.jpg
    Clouser patterns also can catch Cabazon's. Like this one caught at Carkeek yesterday morning.
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  16. Is that a Cabezon? Looks like a red Irish lord
  17. Sculpin
  18. i caught plenty of flounder on small clousers last year off whidbey island while fishing for pinks.
  19. flounder?
  20. Thanks for clarifying.

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