Flourocarbon tippit

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by IveofIone, May 25, 2013.

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    Flouro prices are all over the map but mostly on the high side. Everyone seems to have their favorite and most seem to be willing to pay whatever it takes to own said product. I see some Seaguar products going for as much as $18.95 for 25 yards! Ouch. I have used Rio, Orvis, Cabela's and a couple of others. About 3 years ago I started using Hook and Hackle's house brand and found that it's quality is indistinguishable from the other brands for my purposes of catching fish that are usually less than 3-4 pounds. It knots extremely well and doesn't seem to kink up as readily as some brands.

    This is the identical product to what Feather-Craft sells at a higher price, in the same container with just a different name on it. I particularly like the soft plastic spools it comes in. I can keep them loose in a pocket instead of on a lanyard and not have to deal with all the loose ends that occur when 4 spools are snapped together. The soft plastic just flips open to expose the end of the tippit material and then snaps back into place to retain it when finished. But what I like most of all about it is that it comes in 50 yard spools instead of the usual 25 or 30. And it regularly goes on sale-this week at $9.95 for a 50 yard spool.

    The one negative I find about it is that it's diameter is greater than what is stated on the package. I have been using a micrometer on my tippit material for decades and this is not unusual at all. Very few materials ever match what is stated on the spool. In the case of H&H flouro the spools for 4X and 5X say .007 and .006 respectively. They measure .008 and .007. It simply means the breaking strength is a little higher than advertised which probably is no big deal.

    Short of buying a bulk spool of this stuff $9.95 for 50 yards is the best deal I've seen. And now with 3 years of experience with it I feel comfortable recommending it.

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    thanks for the tip...
  3. Joe Pombrio Member

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    Seaguar is worth the price..
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    That is a great price! I have been buying the blue label seaguar for $9.00 at bimart for 25 yards but yours is twice as inexpensive!
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    Curious about the hook and hackle, is it supple or stiff? Any issues with it? The price seems great, I just wonder how it can be that much less expensive. Appreciate the help.
  6. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    I only buy Seaguar in the full spools. Buying 25yd spools is a good way to get ripped off.
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    I'm happy with Frog Hair and Umpqua. However, I've never tried Seaguar so I may need to look into that. I've order many items from Feather Craft in the past and have never had a problem. That's why I buy the Fly Lipps.
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    Evan, just about all flouro is a rip off price wise. It is certainly an improvement over mono but often sells at 3X what mono sells for. I wouldn't go so far as to say it is 3 times better. Once a new product comes out called UnobtainiumX that is 25% stronger and 10% less visible in the water than flouro the price of flouro will take it's rightful place in the scheme of things. The spend more-catch more mentality will still be in place at that point and someone else will write in that they found a great deal online for UnobtaniumX-just $1.25 a yard!

    I would call the H&H stuff supple, not stiff.

  9. rainbow My name is Mark Oberg

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    I buy only Seaguar in large spool's 4,6,8,10. Worth every penny, if you have lost a nice fish to inferior floro.
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    I found some UnobtainiumX for $.99 a yard, but at a 100 yd minimum. Send me a PM if interested.
  11. Greg Armstrong Active Member

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    Thanks for the tip, Ive.

    The "Hook & Hackle" branded fly lines are also a really good value at close to $30. They perform well, and are especially well known by the guys that like to use vintage fly gear like myself. Their double taper lines are a good, less expensive option to Cortland's old standby "Peach" lines that have been around for years.
    Of course the other option would be to just say to hell with the budget and get a good old fashioned silk line... with fluoro tied on the end, of course!!
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  13. IveofIone Active Member

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    Jeez! I was just trying to be helpful and let people know that you can buy Flourocarbon without backing in the door and dropping your skivvies. Instead it seems as though the response has been by a ghetto of like minds that are all marching in lock step to the Seaguar drummer. I understand that you all like the product and why but the rest of us who catch a helluva lot of fish on "inferior products" are not the dumb shits you make us out to be. And as for losing "the fish of a lifetime" because your tippit broke-use a heavier tippit for christ's sake.

    It's not the money that keeps me from buying it for sure. I have less debt than what many of you carry in your wallet. And more in the bank than some guys are going to make in the next 10 years. And I retired early. I can sure as hell afford Seaguar. But I didn't get here by being stupid with my money. And right now spending 60% more for a product that may be just 5% better doesn't fit my economic model.

    Save and invest some of that money you piss away on frivolous gear. Retire early. Then go fish your ass off. It has worked for me for the past 13 years.

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    Uh... didn't think anyone was being snobish Ive. Just giving opinions. Next time I won't give any input, sorry.

    By the way, I buy 100% flouro Seaguar @ $12.95 per 250 yrds. Not sure where you are thinking that's high end stuff.
  15. BRsnow Member

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    Is hook and hackle 100% as well? Thanks.
  16. Kaiserman content

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    Also, buy what you want, just don't get tricked by the coated or blended stuff.
  17. Kaiserman content

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    The short answer, I don't know. My research (from a while back) suggested that if it didn't say 100%, it probably wasn't.

    However that being said, when I first started using fluorocarbon in the early 90's, there wasn't a big demand for it like there is now. As the demand increased, more companies got on the bandwagon. As more companies made 100%, and it became more common, it was no longer really needed to put 100% on the label.

    Okay, stay with me here...:confused:

    Now enters the "era" of blended or coated fluorocarbon lines. What happened was, companies realized it was cheaper to make blended or coated lines (probably because there were only four places in the world that made 100%), but still put the word fluorocarbon on the box. They did this, because there was such a "craze" for the stuff, folks weren't paying attention, and got an inferior product (compared to 100% of course). As time went on (I think it was in the late 90's), people started noticing a difference, because 100% fluorocarbon started to come down in price. The price came down, just enough, for some to switch from blended to 100%. After that, the cat was out of the bag.

    The reason I posted what I did last year, (and again just a moment ago) was because some are just getting to know the benefits of 100%, and don't know the difference/history behind it. They too could fall victim of clever marketing.

    I'm a 'quality' guy, verses "high end" or "inexpensive", but sometimes you can actually get both, and sometimes it's just preference. For instance, I have three rods that are over $800 each with $50 reels on them. Yeah I get mocked, but the reel is light weight, sealed disc drag, bomb proof, and after 12 seasons, I've yet to have it fail me. I also have a $25 closeout rod - 7' 4wt, that I love! But I digress...

    Seaguar meets both quality and inexpensive (for me). Again, $12.95 per 250 yrds. I did actually have a problem with Berkley 100% fluorocarbon back in '02, and not sure why. All my knots, and I do mean all my knots broke at some point when fishing for steelies, or landing bigger trout. Funny thing was, the box said "New and improved" "Stronger knots!" :mad: Well, the only time I've had my triple surgeons knot break, was that year. I threw the box away.

    Wow, that was loooong ^ ! Hope it helped anyway....
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  18. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    You can't catch fish on anything but Seaguar. Anyone good at fishing knows that.
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  19. Drifter Active Member

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    The first berkley fluoro was crap and like idiots we tested it on springers in the sandy.

    Ive, I was really interested in your post and might think about switching - I retired early too but on a budget! Heck the fluoro haters haven't even posted yet----
  20. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I have never used that stuff.