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    I saw this film last night. it is a seriously pivotal documentary on the world's water resources; corporate privatization of potable water, water contamination and management, and what some people are doing about it. If we care about water, and fish habitat, then this is definately a film about fishing- and the future of fishing- as well. I encourage you to investigate this experience.

    For those with easy access to Port Townsend, this film is playing at The Rose Theater as a 4:30 matinee all this week.

  2. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    Thanks for the heads-up Bob.

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    I saw this and agree.
    Water has become one of our most vaulable resources--(always was for that matter). Even the new James Bond film featured water as the sought after resource.
    Think about it, bottled water now costs more than gasoline if you buy it by the smaller size. After seeing Flow you probably won't buy bottled water anymore.
    See it if you can. :thumb:
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    Thanks Bob.