Fluoro vs Mono - do you catch more fish?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ryan Bradfield, May 27, 2013.

  1. only because Maxima underrates it's mono. One could say "Maxima is large for it's posted weight".
  2. We call it "cable".
  3. I think it's Marketing spindoctoring.
  4. I just got back from 2 rivers, a stream and a local lake. The fish that i landed, after being intensely waterboarded, didn't give 2 shits if the line was mono, floro, or heavy gauge cable. They DID care that the bug was presented in such a way which they felt comfortable enough to eat it!
    BTW, they didn't care about the type of knot utilized either.
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  5. Hah! I bet the fish do care what brand of rod you're using! :D

    (I use Maxima for casting my heavy bass bugs... it works quite well for that...and making weed guards)
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  6. We were steelheading one day and were driving along a logging road and came across a guy stuck in the mud. We didn't have a tow rope to help the poor fellow so we used 10 pound Maxima to pull him out and it worked like a charm. :)
  7. I can see that happening.

    I have used Maxima UG on my gear rods for years. The fish HATE it. They can't see it in the water and its strength is overwhelming. They try to wrap it around logs and snap it whenever possible.... my knots rarely fail, so eventually the fish just give up and lands on the dinner plate. The stuff is tough as nails, the big coho, kings and steelhead are no match for Maxima UG.
  8. Nice Gene!
  9. I hate the be the voice of reason..

    You guys are totally nuking this thing out. There is no reason to over anazlyze this entire thing. If you are swinging a sink tip or using an indicator for large fish, there is no reason to not use fluoro. The simple reason is that you get almost 3X the strength for the same diameter. You can argue it, you can debate, but you can't find beat the simple fact that the statistics bring to the table.

    Sometimes people get stupid, and I am guilty of it too.. Just look at the strength of what you are/can use and leave it at that. I can honestly tell you that in a single season I never had a client break off a single fish with fluro. I can't make that same claim with mono. I can't even come close. I had people fishing with both, and I know what I went to when it was go time in the right application..
  10. You may have to learn some new knots to find success too.. I recommend a perfection loop or a rapala knot with fluoro..

    Now log out and go catch some fish already...
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  11. Yup, that's my doctrine and I'm stick'en to it. I believe in the one true leader material. None of this new fangled polytheism for me.

  12. Dave K & Jeremy F,

    Limited experiece with floro here, but have had near-scientific horrible examples with it. Preface that I've never, ever had steelhead break me off on the strike on 8# Maxima, except on the Thompson River where it is necessary to use 10#. However, I've used floro twice while steelheading and twice broke off steelhead on the strike on both 10# and 17#. It was not Seagaur however. I think they were Rio and Frog Hair, and both were 100% floro. I use a variation of the double Turle that has generally held while the double or triple surgeon's knot at the other end of the tippet failed.

  13. That is true Sg. That's why I changed my knots all around. I found out the hard way, that fluoro has a few knots that don't seem to hold as well. Not sure if that's because of the stiffness or what.

    Once I learned the knots that worked, I haven't had any fail. Not sure what to say other that that. Like I said before (can't remember if it was this thread or the other one) Berkley Vanish sucked! If those lines you used (that broke) came from the same factory that Berkley did, there's the problem I think. Remember, there's only a few places in the world that make 100% fluoro, everyone has to buy it from them. Not sure, maybe that's changed. :confused:
  14. Its pretty simple, "MAXIMA LIES" and should never be used to compare lines with unless you test it's strength first yourself. 8 pound maxima is actually almost 12 pound test and so on.

    Like others, I still use it for gear fishing, unless fish are spooky!
  15. SG, I dont buy anything other than Seaguar. I am biased because I have heard so many horror stories, but I can honestly say I have not ever seen one unfold in front of me though.

    Back before it was widely used for small game, I used to use the stuff in 300# tuna line. It was the bomb back then and after learning the proper knots to make it retain its strength I haven't really looked back.
  16. It doesn't matter that they lie... most everyone who's used the stuff for any length of time know that their lb test is way off. When I do use it in rivers, I'm fishing for salmon and/or steelhead so it doesn't matter that what they claim is 8 lb test is really 10 lb test.
  17. I actually have caught more steelhead on Seaguar carbon pro (now discontinued) 8lb than any other leader/tippet. Not one break yet.
  18. Thanks for the knot selections. I will try those next time i use fluoro tippets.

    I dont have issues with knots breaking on fish... when i test the knot, thats when my failures happen( which isn't too often but a couple times a trip if i am changing up quite often).... if the knot can take my self test, the fish isn't going to break it.
  19. That knot Ryan spoke of is sweet! Keeps the loop inline with the tippet, instead of the possible slightly bent loop that can come with others. Not sure if it's that big of a deal, but could be for flies like the damsel nymph.
  20. So Dave which Seaguar do you recommend i get?

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