Fluoro vs Mono - do you catch more fish?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ryan Bradfield, May 27, 2013.

  1. Honestly, up until this thread, (and 2 minutes ago when I did a search) I didn't realize there was so many options!!! :eek: Looks like I bought mine when the getting was good!

    Last time I was at Cabelas, it was $14.95 a spool per 250 yrds. I did get it at Wal Mart and Sportsmans Warehouse for $12.95 a couple of times. Now I can't even find it for close that amount... What the #@%* happened!

    The one I've been using, is just in a blue and yellow labeled box (clear plastic box). It just says 100% fluorocarbon, none of this "Invizx" or anything. Geez, what happened to the market. Now I understand why everyone is complaining about the price, my gosh.

    If it was me, I'd get the cheaper of the 16 bazillion different styles. Like I've said before, if it says 100% fluoro, you're fine - especially if you go with Seaguar.
  2. i just read a Fly Fisherman magazine tippet shootout and the Seaguar Grandmax & Trouthunter win it!
  3. Well what you didn't read (because it's TOP SECRET) is that those guys using the other stuff, (a.k.a. mono) died before they got back to the launch. Oh, and their houses went into foreclosure. One guy using mono did catch a fish, but he was using bait.
  4. Oh great. Now that Seaguar is getting positive press, the price goes up. We've seen this happen with many flyfishing products.
  5. I've stuck with Maxima Clear for many years, and tie my own leaders....supposedly as tough and abrasion resistant as Chameleon, and not as soft as Green....and I find it's good for rivers, lakes and Puget Sound. It's not easy to find at fly shops, though....Garry Sandstrom carried it at The Morning Hatch in Tacoma till he closed a few years ago, so I have to order it from (I hate to say it!) Cabela's now.
  6. Consensus seems to be that it's hard to PROVE whether the material makes the difference.

    However, fluorocarbon sure as hell doesn't keep fish from biting, and if a product gives an angler confidence, he'll catch more fish.
    Confidence works better than live bait.

    Keep in mind there are several grades of fluoro, even within the same company.

    Rio Flouroflex 2x = 8lb test
    Rio Fluoroflex PLUS 2x= 12lb test

    Seaguar has two grades of tippet, same diameter and test, but one is more limp.

    Do not confuse tippet material with the main line material from the big spools, which is much less flexible.
  7. Yes! It has no "memory", so it allows you're leader to lay out straiht after each cast. Plus it isn't all "curly Q'd" up after sitting on the spare spool.

    Although, I'm not sure there's a huge difference from the small (30 yrd spools) to the larger one, you call "main line". I think that may differ from one manufacturer to the other.
  8. I thought I remembered someone saying they had a really good supplier of fluoro (seaguar if I remember correctly) at reasonable prices. Anyone care to share? I seem to have run out of tippet material and want to stock up. I moved to furled leaders across the board (and will NEVER go back). Now I just want to stock up on tippets. It's not going to break the bank but it's always good to save where you can...

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