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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Wayne Kohan, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. I have been buying fluorocarbon leader material at 12-15 dollars per 25 yds. I like it for my lake fishing and chironomid fishing. However, if I am fishing down 20 feet, I am using 5-6 yds at a time of this stuff and it goes fast. Fluorocarbon line is cheaper and you can buy a lot at a time, but I remember reading something about the leader material being different from the line material, I think I read that on the Seaguar site at one time. I seem to remember the leader has more shockabsorbing properties or something of that sort. My question is, do you all use just the leader material, or do you buy the regular line in the big spools to save money, and then do you get a lot of break offs? I must say that I lose very few fish on lakes to break-offs with using the leader material.


  2. Wayne, I buy Fluoro by the 200 yard spool, 4 lb is perfect for Chironomid fishing. $13.99 of Seaguar at Outdoor Emporium. I never have any problems with break off, it mostly from bad non-wetted knots. Your fly rod will suffice as all the shock absorbing and I rarely lose fish to break offs with the line.
  3. Wayne,
    Last year in Maui I purchased a spool of 6lb fluorocarbon leader materail (J-Line) out of a clearance rack at Maui Sporting Goods. I liked it, so recently, a buddy and I just placed an order for additional spools from the Tokunga store on the Big Island. The price is right and they sell it in a hard or soft.

    Here is the link to check out. shipping worked out to about a buck a spool for a dozen spools we ordered. http://www.tokunagastore.com/Menu/JlineFX.htm

  4. Full spool user here. Seagaur preferred but right now I've got some P line that the Mrs picked up and it is working fine.
  5. I buy RIO Fluoroflex Plus in the 110yd vs. the 30yd spools. Significant savings, plus I read that fluorocarbon doesn't age or breakdown from the sunlight like mono, so I figure it won't be wasted. I also heard that tippet material was a bit softer and more shock absorbing than just line. Could just be marketing.
  6. Jeff, have you noticed the difference between the regular vs. the X? Wonder if the X has a little more stretch to it? The price is right... probably made by the same plant that makes Seagular in Japan.
  7. yellow lab: Are you using a tappered leader or just one straight weight of leader? If you are using one leader (not tapered), are you haveing issues with casting that much line?
  8. You may already know but a lot of 200 yard spools are just coated fluoro line which is junk imo. i use 12 ft. 12 pound steelhead tapered leaders in mono , then have 10 - 8- 6 - n 4 pound floro for going deep and keeping a tapered line even at say 18 ft. ! 3 ft. of 8 to 3 ft. of 4 . pure seaguar fluoro is what i use .
  9. Chef I use pure fluoro all the way with no taper in 2/3rds of the line/leader from the flyline down, and nothing over 8 lb test. Why? Because fluoro sinks faster than mono and I want to get my bugs down fast so I am fishing. I also don't like tapered commercial and or custom made leaders b/c they get caught up in the slip release indicators. I can run up to 40' of 8 lb and still cast it relatively ok even with another 5-6' of 4 lb tippet. Forget about casting this set up from a toon or a tube, cause it doesn't work no matter how good of a caster you are.
  10. I have been using P-Line. One thing I do is match the diameter of the cheap stuff to the end of the tapered leader. A good match here makes for a much better knot. The 6lb stuff works best with the 2x or 3x tapered leader.

  11. I build my chironomid leaders out of Maxima ultragreen (12-15') then add 3-4' of quality fluorocarbon for tippet. I make a butt section (2') of 10 lb mono with a perfection loop on the end and use a triple surgeons knot to connect a body of 6 lb mono. My tippet varies from 3x-5x fluoro depending on the fishery and bugs I'm using. Maxima is very conservative in rating their mono. The 6lb is plenty stout for trout fishing and has a larger diameter than 3x (10lb) flouro tippet material. The 6 lb holds fine with a slip indi. Add a beadhead or two and this rig sinks quick.
  12. YellowLab, if you can't cast from a toon or tube, do you just back off after dropping the fly?
  13. I fish from a pram, stand while casting, and have 10' rods. With 18'+ of height it helps to cast.
  14. I guess it's time to get a pram.
  15. at pass lake or when i will be using large chunks at a time i like to use the P-Line Flouroclear line. It is a fluorocarbon coated mono, and i like it's strength. I've caught 12lb steelhead on the 6lb variety no problem! that is what i use to tie my own tapered leaders, from the 20lb range down to 6 or 4 then i go to the tippet material to save some cash money. the spool of P-Line is like 8 bucks for 300 yards.
  16. I have been using Berkley Vanish for years now and have never had an issue with it. It seems to be the cheapest flourocarbon on the market and works great, just make sure and lube your knots before you cinch them down.
  17. I just received this yellow-label (x) line a week ago. I do notice it is softer than the red label and I expect it will bite down on itself well. I rigged it up like you. 8lb stiff off the fly line and then switch to 4 or 5 pound soft fluoro to the fly. I fished it Sunday and it performed well.

    The Seaguar thougth crossed my mind also. This stuff is popular in Hawaii in thd heavy stuff.
  18. Thanks for all the responses. I will give some of the normal fluorocarbon stuff a try.

  19. I like the Rio fluoroflex plus for small flies, because of the small diameter. I can thread a #20 midge emerger with 4x(7lb) easily, making it easier to land large fish on tiny flies. Other than that, I use P Line 100% fluorocarbon for everything else. Cheap by the big spool.
  20. trip, you've had good luck with the P-line 100% fluorocarbon? i've been wanting to try that but i haven't since i like the flouroclear, but i might have to give it a shot now

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