fluorocarbon leader vs line

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Wayne Kohan, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. So I went to Holiday Sports and bougt some flourocarbon. I ended getting Seagar. Anyone know of them. I guess they are the first people to make Flourocarbon. I got 4,6, and 8lb for $16 for 200yrds.
  2. I know this is an old thread, but to sort of answer your question; If the box says 100% flourocarbon, it's 100% flourocarbon regaurldless who makes it.

    Seagar is the only manufacture that sees it's product from the begining, to the shelf. No "middle man". Not sure that means much other than it makes some feel that the "quality control" issue is more well, in control. I use Seagar and P line. Remember, 100% flourocarbon is 100% flourocarbon.

    I think there is actually only a few places that the stuff is made....I think. Seems like years ago when I did some research on the stuff, that's what I came up with.

    Well, that's probably more than you wanted to know...:hmmm:
  3. By the way, on my last outing I used the P-line and it worked wonderfully. I did have one breakoff on a hook set while chiro fishing (hard to rid myself of that old bass-fishing lip-ripping hook set) but it was at a knot that had already landed a few fish. I am happy with it.

  4. I wish I would have thought of this years back, thanks for the info.
  5. I use straight Flouro - found that some knots don't like "inter mixing" with other types (mono).

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