Fly and Spinning?

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Do you just fly fish or do you use a spinner as well?

  1. Fly Fishing Only...

  2. I Use Both....

  3. I fish with my skinny jeans and cheeky reels.....

  1. My family and I fished with a charter out of Ilwaco yesterday. Anchovies on bait divers with big Penn bait casters were the deal. Not my favorite way to fish but we caught a boat load of salmon and watching my son battle several big chinook was a hoot. Fishing is fishing. On the charter only the deckhand gets stinky from the bait. Thats why I give him a tip:)
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  2. I own 40 plus gear rods ,8 fly rods 1 boat, 1 raft, 2 float tubes. I got it bad. I enjoy all forms of fishing. I believe that gear guys can learn things from fly guys that can help them in there persuits and vice versa. I try and be open to all forms of fishing.
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  3. Yeah, but did you shake his hand?
  4. Spinning rod, hookless spoon between the line and leader, and a streamer on the end of the leader, lets you cast, get down deep, and still have the benefit of an effective hand tied fly pattern. Of course the terminal lure could be a light spinner too.


  5. Agree about the Kastmaster. Make it gold.

  6. At work my job involves teaching kids how to fish, and we have lots of spinning rods. That said my own personal collection features 5 rods, 4 being sh and 1 being a spey. I have more lines then reels, and just think there is nothing better then casting a fly all day, fish or no fish
  7. I don't see myself picking up a spinning rod ever again. I last used one bouncing jigs for pinks 7 years ago. I know a lot more about subsurface fly fishing now.
  8. While fly fishing is my primary passion, I do fish spinning gear for bass & fall salmon. I still own conventional salmon & steelhead casting gear, but haven't used any of it since I sold my boat. I fish; I use the appropriate gear for a given application. I don't use bait anymore, however.
  9. I can tell you one thing about fishing with spinning gear. It was cheap in the summer time. A few Mepps spinners(no. 1) a reel and 4lb test on it and I was good to go. I never lost much gear then. My only money spent then was for gas and that was cheap also.
  10. Make it bigger and it works well on river coho
  11. Funny - probably deserved that - but the shit with stink seems to get everywhere. Last time I fished roe from a boat all day I couldn't shake the scent. The fishing was on fire however!!
  12. I can't see using spinning gear for trout, but I do enjoy tossing spinners, and sometimes spoons, for river coho. I used to fly fish occasionally for coho, but after catching them on top with Wogs in AK, I kinda' lost interest in fishing streamers and sink tip lines for them.
  13. Nothing was funner that multiple indicator fishing,now I don't even fish with one indicator.
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  14. Shimano Curado + homemade spinners + coho = smoked salmon out your ears.

    The only spinning rod I have I bought on sale to let my non-fishy friends use.
  15. YES - homemade spinners are the shit!!
  16. I prefer spoons over spinners. I do however like to fish a certain area of a local river and cast my spinner onto the bank,i pull it into the water, and as its falling down it gets inhaled by a coho. Is it October yet?
  17. I prefer gear for salmon and winter steelhead, but rarely a spinning setup.

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  18. Be careful.....
  19. 99% I fly fish. Still spin once in great while, like ice fishing. :D
  20. I like to do a meat pass or two in the Columbia before heading upriver to go fishing when the salmon are in.

    But I'm told by guys here that what I do half the time upriver isn't really flyfishing, so I guess I'm 51/49 in favor of gear.

    It kind of hurts my feelings.
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