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Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Jason Decker, May 10, 2007.

  1. I am in the middle of putting together a bass set up for hitting local lakes and have not had much
    experience so far with bass. I would love any suggestions, set up ideas and angling tactics you find
    works well on fly gear.

    i've loaded up with a bunch of popper, baitfish, buggers and other flies at a few local shops and now just working on figuring out how to cover the water. I've been hitting structure areas, under docks, logs and in shallows / lilly pads as i know they are spawning. Just wanting to get this dialed in and hit the big boys.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated,

  2. Pretty early for topwater. we were out gear fishing bass monday on lake wa. and they were still in the deep water. the smaller ponds and lakes may be warm enough for them to be on their beds...if not now then any day now. you are just trying to piss them off into agression striking. stay away from topwater IMO for now till the hotter weather/warmer water comes. worm type flies, buggers, baitfish imitations, etc. should do the trick when they're on the beds. they want to guard from any intruders.
    with topwater, you should cast and let the bug sit motionless till all the splash rings are gone, then short quick jerks to make it pop. 1-2 at a time, let it sit, etc. it's a blast once you get the hang of it.

    have you been seeing fish on their spawning beds??
    good luck
  3. the bass should be on there beds, and they should have been for a while. I remember two years ago the bass started spawning mid april.
  4. Clear intermediate sink or full sinking line for the lakes in western wa this time of year. Bring a floater if you are fishing morning or you can throw poppers. But don't live and die with poppers when it's mid day with full sun. Bass can be picky depending on water temp, time of year, moon phase, air pressure, etc. But most gear guys have realized that a well presented pattern that hits em in the nose or gets their attention at the same depth in the water column can elicit a strike regardless of whether they are agressively feeding. Same applies to fly fishing for bass.

    As far as flies and techniques...kinda depends on the structure and natural food sources available in the lake you are fishing. Some of the best flies to carry involve a lot of rubber legs, black bunny strip, a little flash in the dubbing, and a large gape hook. Buggers can get em too...some of the best colors of dubbing/chenille for me have been rootbeer, olive, burnt orange, white, black, and yellow. A lot of the same rules apply to color as trout fishing...i.e. light colors on bright days and dark colors on dark days, but I can tell you that I often tie ugly little bass bugs with multiple colors of marabou in the tail, and contrasting colors of chenille and hackle on the body. Bass want a full meal, so cactus chenile is great to offer a fat body in your bugger.

    The best thing you can do to catch bass is vary your old timer once described it to me as "making your fly look like it's motor has gone all haywire". So a lot of the time I will strip it...then let it sit...strip...strip...wait...etc. Usually they hammer it in between strips, so if you let it sit for a long time then move it, you can pick em up. And when it comes to fishing structure (rocks, logs, brush, docks) make sure to cast right up on the structure (literally if possible) then let it sink slowly into the water, giving it time to sink before stripping it away. Bass are very predatory and if threatened or suddenly hungry they will pounce. Remember any bass fishing shows you may have seen, and jig your fly as much as possible...they will take it on the fall - so you have to be able to feel your line either move, go tight, or feel "weightless".

    Oh also bass love clouser minnows...the standard chartruese and white gets em, and so does tan and white. Make sure to give em the Bill Dance hookset, and kiss em like Jimmy Houston too.
  5. Jason, ive been hitting the bass like crazy the last week or so. Its not to early to get out there. I was out on a local lake on sunday and landed a 4 pounder and missed 3 other big guys. There are a few lakes around that I just cant get away from. the lake I was just talking about last year a landed a bass just over 9 pounds. Most people have no clue whats in our local waters as far as bass go. There are 2 other lakes I love to fish for bass, one of them all I do is poper fish, they are not large but you will catch 20+ bass in a few hours all on top water. The second lake is a fun lake for catching tons of rock bass, I was out there on tuesday and did well.
    As far a rods, heh I build my own, but a 7wt is not to big, or a really fast 6wt. Most of the time I will have both a 6wt with floating for my popers and a 7wt with a clear intermedate.
    PM me if you want more info or need someone to go out with.
  6. Not sure I can add anything that the Pimp and Josh have not said. But I have been out looking and they are at least on my lakes running late this year. I only saw 2 active beds and both had big females in the area but not right on top of them. It will be one of those years were there are none and then within just a couple of days the big girls will be everywhere. When they do I fish big rabbit strip worms in 2 styles. Heavy bar bell eyes for jigging and chain for the finesse stuff. Greens,White and Red. After the spawn then the males will be all over and they are the easy ones to get for me anyway. Top water on this side I'd wait till June and over on the east side on small ponds then May is great. Good luck man and post them pictures !!!
  7. Jason, if you are looking for a new set up let me know. I build custom rods for FethaStyx we can hook you up.
  8. Get out quick, the fish are on their beds now in a lot of lakes. Grab whatever rod--just match it to how big your flies are. I've caught bass in the 4-6 lb range on everything from my 9 wt to my 4 wt (I got one 6 1/2 lb smallmouth on my 4wt 2 years ago). This season I've been using a 8'6'' 5 wt I built this winter. I have had a couple situations where a little more backbone wuld have been nice to keep fish from running back under docks--but I've only broken one off this season. It works well with smaller flies though (which are some of my favorites) try a small black/olive bugger with rubber legs and beadchain eyes--smaller nymphy flies have out performed my usual sculpins this year.

    Good luck,

  9. I caught this one two days ago on a black MOAL on my break at work (I love work). Hit the structure and give the fly some twitching action. I like MOAL's because they have similar action to the rubber worms and grubs those bait guys use :)
  10. Big colorfull shiny and ugly. That is the pattern you should be throwing in 10 - 20 feet of water near structure or docks. Remember cast to the shady side of docks and structure first.:cool:
  11. Weed guard will give you more confidence when fish around structures, also they will save you some time and money.

    Clear water condition I use light color flies, dirty water condition I use purple and black.

    In clear water lake, I will try to spot the bass first and see how they response to the fly.


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