Fly boxes 4 sale, New!!!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by golfman65, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. I have a warehouse and at times I come across something I actually want..

    I picked these up and have some extra ones that I'd like to pass on...

    These are new boxes, they are copies of the CF style and S.A.
    Pretty damn nice boxes that I've been using for the past couple years as they were about half the price of CF.

    I have 3 styles,

    One Clear two sided box OK, these just sold out..

    Two CF style of box, streamer style (pic 4 on left) and nymph or ? style...( pic 3)

    I will not sell these one box at a time, If you want a couple I'll do two min. order with $6.00 for shipping locally etc.

    I've been using these boxes like I said for a couple years and have had no problem with them....I may get more in the future but this is it for now..

    Ok, I've worked out a few bugs I had and have some more for sale...

    What YOU need to do when ordering is...
    On your Paypal include the following or you won't get shipped..

    What you are ordering box wise
    your WFF name
    your paypal name (obvious)
    Have updated the boxes to coincide with pic numbers so you know which ones you are ordering....

    I've bumped the price of shipping to $6 for 2 ,double that for more as I'm am using UPS now so that you have insurance on your order..All were received fine by last group that went usps but I'm not tempting fate or replacing damaged boxes that don't have insurance..

    Last thing...I'm not a shop, I'm not a dealer..I wanted fly boxes and found most of the shops up north (as there are none around me) have sold out of these and don't have what I want or are charging 50 bucks for them...
    Got a bit overwhelmed with the last try but worked out a few kinks and will try again!!

    Glad you like um, they are pretty pimp!!!

    I'll put this here again as I don't think guys are reading down...
    Send paypal to

    Your WFF name
    Your real name

    PLEASE don't send me multiple emails asking me repeated questions that are obvious. I got so many boxes when gone they are gone..Paypals received properly get shipped.. if I have to go back and try and figure out who you are or which box is "that grey one" It won't get shipped...OK,
  2. I'll take 2 clear boxes, shipped to Portland. ($29 total, right?) PM your Paypal address to me and I'll PM my address. Cheers!
  3. pm sent
  4. I sent PM
  5. REMINDER>>>>

    On your Paypal order...


  6. Golfmann...please let me know when the sale opens up again...cause I want some
  7. Received the boxes today. The clear ones are sweet! :thumb: Can't beat 'em for 12 bucks! Of course, now I wish I had ordered 4 instead of 2. Thanks for the great boxes and fast shipping. :beer2:
  8. very nice avatar there golfman. woot! great post!
  9. any more boxes for sale?
  10. Boxes are available again!!! Not a ton though..last of my order.
  11. Clear boxes are available but getting down there

    Nymph boxes have

    Streamer style have
  12. If you think you like the Scientific Anglers version with the lever type latch and semi clear lids you will LOVE the golfman65 clear boxes. Better latch, one independant for each side, not one shared and crystal clear tops to see your flies before you open all your non-transparent boxes.

    Yes golfman65, mine arrived, and are better than imagined! Thank you very much.

    (the author of this message is not affiliated with golfman65 or his avatar, nor is he on the take)
  13. PayPal sent for 2 clear - thanks!
  14. Sent payment for 2 more clear boxes. I diggum! :thumb:
  15. Sam and Mik. you got the last of my clear ones...

    Regular nymph and streamer style still available!!!

    Thanks guys!!!
  16. I got a clear one too, right?
  17. Allison, you might not be able to read this (blocked and all) but if you did not get one you can have one of mine. (still on the highroad) Let me know if golfman65 gets you one or not.
  18. Did you paypal me already? If that was you yesterday then yes!!! If before then Yes..If not then No..
  19. Paul

    Boxes arrived today - fast service, great deal, thanks again.

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