Fly doesn't matter winter steelhead swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Marty, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Fly doesn’t matter swap

    Wont be long now till the real chromer’s start making their way back, so its time to get a winter steelhead fly swap going. Looking for your favorite winter fly, any thing goes from marabous to classics. This swap is open to all, even you beginners. We will keep it at 10 tiers with a due date Dec, 10.

    Flies have been sent

    Jake - Purple Soft Hackle -
    Daryle - Pink/purple Spey
    David - GP variant
    hendersonbaylocal - Marabou and Ostrich
    Speydee - Green Butt Skunk Spey
    rockyfordZach - bunny leech
    obiwankanobi -Purple something
    Rodeo11 - twisted stone
    Islander - polor shrimp
    Aaron - Sucker Spawn
    Marty - Tri Orange Marabau

    Sad news tallflyguy’s flies were lost in the mail, so we won’t get to see his effort. He send me a copy of his shipping receipt so the good old postal service failed to come through.

    Other than that great swap, everyone did a great job on their flies. I know it took way to long but it seems that just the way swaps go. I hope you all enjoy the flies and I will see you on the Skagit in April.

  2. I'm in! Not sure what yet...gotta check the fly boxes out in the shed to see what might be a neat tie - too frosty to go out there now. Enjoying it by the fire!
  3. Count me in for a spey, need more practice.

  4. Count me in. I have a shrimpy GP variant I'll submit.
  5. I'm in. Fly undecided, but probably something marabou.
  6. Count me in too! Love the elegance of spey flies so that's my choice.
  7. Im in! I got some ES bunny leeches waiting! this is my first swap. it sounds like a lot of fun
  8. I'll chime in on this swap. After seeing Rockyfordzach's esl's in the gallery, I will participate. Great ties amigo!! Not sure yet on what I will tie, but it won't conflict with any of the patterns shown.
  9. I would like to be in. First swap for me, been wanting to for a while. Either an articulated bunny of some sort or a big nasty stone nymph (if nymphs are ok). Feel free to chime in on which you would prefer.

  10. Either one works for me Rodeo!
  11. Scratch that... Life just got a little too busy for me to take part.
  12. Starting mine tomorrow. Going to experiment with some shlappen (sic)
  13. I've been playing with some new techniques and I offically reserve the right to change my mind at the last minute :)

    *Not about my participation, but about what I submit...
  14. i'd like to get in on this, but only if we can make the close out date, say march 1st? j/k
  15. I'll jump in if there is still room. Most likely tie a Polar Shrimp, as long as the due date isn't to soon. I've got the material but need to order hooks.

  16. Coming back Mike or did find some materials over in the hot bitch?

  17. I'm in if room.
  18. not for another couple of months
  19. update Marty
  20. Ditto on the update Marty, 4 other tiers want to sign on for the two spots left, unless you want to expand to 12?

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