Fly doesn't matter winter steelhead swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Marty, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Ditto for me on the tardiness, finished the epoxy cure and toe tags yesterday and will put things through the mail tonight or tomorrow.
  2. Just got done on the wheel, probably not up to par with the others but might catch one on the swing. In the mail tomorrow.

  3. Marty,

    You should get mine today or tomorrow... I sent them later last week.

    They're a big, pink and ugly (emphasis on ugly) articulated intruder variant. You will probably need to wait for high water! ;)
  4. OK, because I'm too stupid to work out getting things in the mail, my "Atomic Generals" went in the mail today. Sorry folks.
  5. Put my green butt skunk speys through the mail Tue evening, should be there anytime.
  6. Sounds like we're getting close......I may have to take a trip and hit some rivers. Unfortunately the Whidbey to Port Townsend ferry is only taking walk ons. bawling:
  7. anyone seen Marty?
  8. He's rolling around naked in a pile of beautiful files.
  9. That would be something I would see.

  10. marty i sent mine while ago did you get them??
  11. Sent mine on the 11th, did you get them?
  12. Sorry guys, flies have been coming in but still missing a few. I will post what I have tomorrow. The flies so far are all looking good.

  13. Ditto on the lateness, in the mail tomorrow. Job interviews, moving, getting laid off and the holiday has made me very late in sending these. Apologies to all.
  14. Marty you should of received my flies by now. I sent them on the 8th. I can show you the receipt here with your address etc, that they have been sent. Hopefully they are not lost!:beathead:

  15. TFG just did another inventory and I do not have your flies.
  16. That sucks.

    Here is a copy of the receipt. Not sure what to do now.
  17. It was addressed correctly, it should have made it. What were they packaged in. If we cant find them we will have to think of something.

  18. Looks like there is a tracking number.
  19. Nope not a tracking number. took it in today, and it isn't.
  20. TFG no worries, just email me your address and I will send you a pack of the flies. $hit happens.

    I have not heard from Jake. I will give him a few more days then I will call it.

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