Fly fishermen have cojones!!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Dipnet, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. The wife was off work today so we decided to hit a nice little local restaurant for breakfast. Mmmm....great omelets!

    On the way back home we decided to drive down to a local creek and check out the chum activity. Now the run seems to be just starting and there was a heck of a northeasterly blowing.

    With the fetch of this area and the wind I didn't expect to find too many (if any) anglers there.

    But I was surprised to find that even with 20 to 30 m.p.h. gusts and lots of white water rolling in there were 8 anglers trying their best!

    And all 8 of them were whippin' flies!! Not a bait or gear fisherman to be seen!!

    Now I'm not sure if that means bug-tossers have bigger balls than gear/bait types or simply smaller brains.

    You can make your own determination! ;)

    Didn't seem to be a lot of catchin' going on but the skies were blue and folks were fishing! :)
  2. It was the smaller brained fly fisherman coming over from Seattle to OUR WATERS, thanks to the internet people that like to call out names of places. Can you imagine how many people will be here when the wind doesn't blow??!!!!!!!! bla bla bla…….. don't even think about it...
  3. Had the same experience over at that un-named creek last week 1 or 2 gear guys and about 8 fly guys. Wasn't particularly windy, though. Saw one chum carried off the beach (gear), one fly guy hookup and I managed to C&R a couple of starry flounders.

    Thanks to the Kitsap Poggie Club for the Sani-Can.
  4. No catching going on because the water was like chocolate milk! There was about 1" of visibility. Most of the guys there could hardly be called fly fisherman though (other than 2 that kept away from the crowd ;)). A couple had a pretty good snagging retrieve figured out and I saw a few fish drug in sideways. It must have been some sort of developmentally disabled fly fishers club.
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  5. I can't wait to come over to your waters and fish. I just need to figure out how to get over there. My brain being small makes it a little difficult.
  6. The big question is...was the Sani Can placed in the correct location? Hopefuuly it was so nobody gets shitty about it.
    Anyone remember that thread from a few years ago?

    No worries Larry. This Seattleite is going to go mess up Go Fish's waters in Mason Co. :D
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  7. I say we organize the Kitsap Beach Gang members and take the ferry and go invade their waters!!!! OCCUPY LINCOLN PARK!!!!!
  8. Sorry, Lincoln Park is full.

  9. Oh, trust me, when the good folks down there see the KBG (THat's Kitsap Beach Gang for those not in the know) walking down the beach in our matching wading jackets, they'll clear out!
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  10. We should get hats!
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  11. Yes! Visors!

  12. Orange hats is the preference. Only guys from Seattle with orange hats are Kitsap regulars, aren't they?!
  13. He doesn't count because he isn't from Seattle!
  14. I'm from Orygun!
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