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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Cliff, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Ill be spending a week or two in Tucson this coming June and I plan to hike or drive to some high mountain lakes in the White Mountains, probably on the White Mountain Apache rez. My goal is to catch the Apache trout. I already have some leads on where to go, and one AZ fly fisherman has generously offered to take me to a high lake which contains the Apache. I'm curious, though, if anyone from this board has ever fished for the Apache trout in SW Arizona, and if so, would you have any pointers to pass along.

  2. Im not sure if he's fished for Apache trout or even fished in that area, but i know coachduff has fish the high country for arctic grayling in AZ, he's got a pic in his gallery.
  3. One time in the early spring I drove about 900 miles to fish for Apache trout on the Black River. I was also heading south to visit some friends in Tucson. As luck would have it, it started raining about 2 days before my scheduled trip and when I got to the Black river, it was chocolate. I tried anyway but to no avail. It will be baking hot down there come June.
  4. Cliff
    I used to live in Az and fished high lakes in White Mts. Very beautiful there. Also not as hot so high in AZ that time of the year The desert will be brutal if you're not used to it. You might search for the AZ fish regs and there should be info there about your trout.
    Good Luck
  5. Bring lots of water. Very hot
  6. Hey Cliff,

    I fished with Coachduff earlier this year and live in Tucson right now (though I'm back in Seattle for the holidays). There are closer places to Tucson that you can get Apaches, but the White Mountains is awesome. You can definately catch Apaches up there, as they're stocked in many of the lakes and rivers. We fished the West Fork of the Black river in October and probably caught more than 10 stockers from 8-14 inches or so. I've got some pics that I'll try and post soon in my gallery. I went up to their in November by myself and caught rainbows (one 23"), fat brookies up to 20", a 17 inch brown, and half a dozen grayling all in 2 days. You can apparently also get cutts of really good size up there out of Big lake. If you want apaches though, try the West Fork of the Black after a stocking for smaller ones, or Lee Valley reservoir for some bigger ones. Also, though I've never tried it, Christmas Tree lake supposedly has some huge browns and apaches. I think you have to make a reservation for a day of fishing though, as it's on the Apache reservation and they only allow like 15 people per day on the lake. Let me know if you have any questions...not that I'm an expert, but I know some things about it I guess.

  7. I'll be in Scottsdale around the end of February visiting in-laws, is any of this reasonably close to Scottsdale?
  8. Guys, thanks very much for your suggestions. I'll save this thread so I can refer to it as the time grows near.

    Matt -Christmas Tree Lake is one of the destinations I am heading to. It seems that most of these are drive-to lakes. I'll research the others that you have passed along. Thanks much - I appreciate the help..


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