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  1. Going to Colorado Springs last week of June with the family. Hoping to get away for a little time for some fly fishing. Any suggestions appreciated.
  2. It's not too far a drive to fish the Arkansas below Navajo Dam or around Canon City and there should still be some great caddis action.
  3. Depends upon how long you have...given the time and the late season snow they've gotten I'd head to Elevenmile Canyon or the Deckers/ Cheeseman Canyon area as they're tailwaters and can be somewhat regulated although that time of year depending upon releases they could still be fairly hard to wade. Typical Rocky Mtn midges, emerges and some dries....I've always found small RS2's, Zebra Midges and size 10 golden stoneflies succesful in those waters at that time of year. As it starts to warm that time of year, Spinney might be worth a shot but a boat or a float tube would be a better option and late spring the wind can howl up there but if you're successful, there's some big trout in there. If you can't get away, I'd explore some small area ponds for some bass on some poppers....check out the fly shop in Woodland Park.
  4. I agree with deansle, Cheeseman. Tiny RS2s under a big stimulator. Lots of big visible fish.
  5. Not that it matters a whole hell of a lot, but Navajo Dam is what supplies the San Juan in New Mexico. Pueblo Dam on the Arkansas is probably what you meant.

  6. The trout streams around Colorado Springs get a lot of pressure but the fish are there. It just takes a bit more finesse. The population of the Springs is ~750K so forget any sort of alone time. 11 mile Canyon, Chessman Canyon, and the Arkansas are all good fisheries and all fairly close to the Springs. My best advice is to fish small and keep a low profile.

  7. navajo dam is on the san juan in new mexico 6 hours away. the arkansas is almost never an option in june, exept for a small tailwater near pueblo, and always crowded (if its fishing during spring runoff). eleven mile cyn is awesome but you wil see plenty of people. just walk midway between turnouts, you might escape the crowd somewhat. cheesman and the spinney tailwater are close also. usually thats about peak runoff time, and even tailwaters in a wet year are barely an option. go two weeks later or fish lakes, you'll be happier.
  8. 11 mile canyon isn't too far and it's a pretty drive too. Not sure if it's closed or not but it's one of my favorite spots too fish.
  9. I have family there, but haven't fished there much....they swear by the folks at Angler's Covey for the latest info:
  10. Yup, meant to say the Arkansas at Pueblo Dam... sorry about that.
  11. Go up to Spinney Mountain Reservior and fish the South Platte stretch. It's considered a gold water stream. Plenty of access. I was station at Ft. Carson and would go up there like every weekend. It's about 1 1/2hr drive from the Springs.

    Arkansas river, in my opinion is limited access. Great caddis hatch, but if you want quantity of fish....hit the South Platte.

    As for the Caddis hatch, from what I remember the hatch was awesome in mid May to about June-ish timeframe. BEWARE.....the weather can change on you in a heartbeat...thunderstorms and fly rod is a NO-GO
  12. Thanks to everyone for all the advise. I was hoping for some stream fishing, but if runoff is still high I'll go for some lake fishing.

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