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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by yellowlab, May 17, 2008.

  1. Im considering buying an open bow boat to cast flies from in the sound and beach and possibly run out to Neah Bay. I don't know much about boats but seems like 15-16' Whaler might do the job. Any suggestions on preferences, what to look for would be appreciated. I like to have an open bow with flat casting decks. If you have suggestions on other brands or models I'd be interested in doing some comparison shopping. Looking to spend under $7500 for a fully set up rig. Thanks!
  2. Although I have only fly fished for the last four years and now use a kayak I can recommend a 15-16 foot Boston whaler. I fished one on the Gulf cost of Texas in the bays and the Gulf of Mexico for over 15 years. Great boats that handle any water. I fished shallow wading with the boat tied to a tow rope around my waste, to deep water on the jetties. I am a stand up fisherman in a whaler and found it to be a steady and solid casting platform either bow or stern. A 55 to 65 horse motor should be plenty on a 15 ft. The boat is an easy load and unload for one person as well... Not to mention unsinkable. Good luck hope you find one. Frank
  3. Well, here's my boat, a 20' Ranger. You don't see many Rangers out here, as it's a bass boat company. But they do multi-species and inshore boats as well. This is a saltwater boat used for muskie on bigger water. Alot of companies make center consoles now, and I'd do one of those over a cabin type boat, if you're looking to cast more than troll. It's why I got mine; I'm a caster, not a troller. I like the center console and the power. You don't need to race anyone, but whatever power you think you need, get a little more. Nothing worse than an underpowered boat in big water.

  4. nice boat
  5. I grew up with a Ranger boat. An 18'10" with a Merc 150 Black Max. That boat got us on and off of the Snake and Columbia river safely every time we took it out. It flat moved, and that was a 1982-83 boat and motor.

    There is no way he is going to get one like yours in his price range barring a miracle.
  6. Thanks Jason.

    No, but like I mentioned in my post, there's several companies that make and sell center consoles other than Boston Whaler, and in his price range. They're out there. There's alot down in California if he's willing to shop out of state; which for an investment like a boat, I think is reasonable. Many of the boats you see out here have cabins or are designed for trolling. I was also showing that a 20' boat ain't that big. I bought this boat so that after my time in Michigan is done, I can bring it back here or back to Kodiak and fish the intercoastal water. I bought this boat for Lake St. Clair (Great Lakes system) and I wouldn't do anything less than 18' there, preferrably 20'+ in big water like that, or here.

    JMO, but get as much boat and motor as you can afford. We're not talking about a Georgia bass lake. We're talking big water that'll you'll see surf, chop and rollers in, all the while being 50* or less.

  7. What is the model of your Ranger? What year? I've seen ads for these saltwater Rangers, and it's nice to hear of someone who owns one and can share info on it!
  8. Here's another option. Might not be quite in that price range though.
  9. 2001 200 Sportfisher. They're called the "Bay Ranger" series now. I think they only made my model for one year before changing it to something else.
  10. Try looking for a Triumph. It's a roto molded plastic hull, and the 17' center console model is good for any where in this area. Since it's made in a machine, rather than hand laid fiberglass, the labor cost is next to nothing, but the boats perform very well, don't stain or grow crud on the bottom. You can leave them out in the weather and not feel like a vandal. Not so my boat.

    I have a 15' Dauntless which is superb in every way, except you can buy 2 Triumphs for the cost of the Whaler last time I checked. Verle's in Shelton was a Triumph dealer, but I don't know if they still have them.
  11. My dream boat is the 17' Montauk with Yamaha power but wish I had the $$$. Some other possibles are the Coho, Wahoo, knock offs that are similar hull designed. Any feedback from owners on these boats? Thanks for all the good feedback!
  12. Paul, they have decent financing for whalers if you're really serious about getting one. I ended up putting I think 5,000 down on my 17' Montauk 5 years ago and got a 12yr loan to finance the rest. It's a pretty reasonable monthly payment.

    A week ago a friend asked me what I'd change about my boat if I were to get a new boat today. I told him I'd get the exact same boat, but with a 4-stroke (you can't get anything but a 4-stroke now w/new whalers).
  13. yes, I would go for nothing other than 4 stroke for both main motor and kicker. I may have to dump the motorcycle to put the down on the Whaler.
  14. One more shameless time. If you're considering financing a Whaler this is something you should consider. Whalers are incredible boats but they tend to be wet and ride pretty rough. There really isn't much of a comparison. As far as 4-stroke vs 2 stroke? Less weight, less maintenance, and the fuel economy is about the same.
  15. Hahah, seriously? Wet and rough?!?!

    Edit: Maybe the older hulls? The new montauk with the reverse chine is the driest boat I've been on.
  16. PT, there is no doubt that your Grady White is the bomb and the set up you have is PIMPED out! Its waaaaay over my head on budget as Im getting married in a couple of weeks and I'd have to sell my car and motorcycle to make it work. Im looking to get into something for less than $10K as it would represent my first boat. I want something the with the lowest amount of maintenance as possible.
  17. 14' Livingston, very stable, just add a flat casting platform on the bow. You can add a bimini top that can be up and shading the middle of the boat and still fly fish from the front. I actually even added a crab pot shelf behind my rear seat above the transom and can carry four crab pots, drop them and then get on to fishing. There are many like mine on craigslist many well below your target budget.
  18. Maybe it's just the extra 3' feet but yes, there really is no comparison when it comes to a smooth and dry ride. Sorry, no offense intended.

    I have been searching CL lately and there have been a few center consoles that seem pretty nice in Yellowlabs price range. If it was me, I'd pick up a 15-16' Duroboat and modify it with level floors for FF purposes. Light weight, durable, no need for anything more than a 40hp motor which would sip fuel, easy to tow. There's a 16' Duroboat, brand new, on the Spokane CL for $3200. Add trailer for $1000, outboard for $4000, and you're right around the budget with a new boat. That's the direction I'm headed.

    This is what I'd start with. Could easily be outfitted just the way you want it for well under 10k.
  19. I have owned a lot of boats. I currently have a 19ft welded aluminum boat set up for fly fishing. The most important thing to me now is a boat I can load and launch easy by myself. My current boat is just OK for this. Starting over again I would get that 16ft Duroboat and pimp it out how I wanted. Money no object I would still get the duroboat....Lightweight is key. I live 5 minutes from the boat launch at Lake Sammamish....and to be honest I have to be in the right mood to go fishing by myself with the boat (because of size and weight).

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