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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by WonkyWapiti, May 1, 2013.

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    I attended the Fly Fishing Film Tour last night in North Bend for the first time. After having a really rough week and a half this was exactly what I needed. The movies were awesome and the Trout Unlimited guys did a great job. If anyone else was there last night do you remember what kind of beer they were serving? I know it was Rogue but can't remember which ale, but it was good. :)
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    You know I thought they were all awesome but a few really stood out for me. "Hit'em Again Doc" was a great story and the guide was hilarious and reminded me of my buddy with how excited he gets. "Fall Run" was awesome watching the two anglers team up to get over the rocks and obstacles. "Thai One On" was very well done and had a cool story line. The other one that I found interesting was the guys fishing in the Potomac. If I had to pick one favorite I'd have to go with Thai One on because how can you beat a night in Bangkok, killer fishing, elephant rides, and a guy being dared to eat a cockroach.
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