fly fishing for (freshwater) perch?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by rockfish, May 22, 2002.

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    I recently landed perch in the 12-15 inch range on crank baits for bass in this lake at a certain point, gonna try them with the fly rod as soon as I done writing this besause I dont have to work today. have any of you had much luck. gonna try size 6 clousers and leech patterns. they recently planted this years and last years stock of minter creek coho in the lake. must have put 1000s in there, no matter where you are at they will follow your bass bait to the boat by numbers. schools go by in the hundreds count. I think the fish are having a field day on these 1 1/2-4 inch fish. never fished for freshwater perch before except in sandpoint and hayden lake in northern Idaho at my cousins house when I was a kid.

    has anybody caught any out of lake washington before on a fly rod? if so how did you do it?

    ever fly fish owen's beach at pt defiance? took my girlfriend and her sisters kid there and at the beach there was some good sized fish chasing herring up on the beach. and the point you can walk out to it.

    what about the railroad tracks along the narrows? is there any way to get there by truck and walk because I seen where the boats were fishng and it caught my attention.

    if you dont want to put it on the internet email me at if willing to share info about the tacoma area of course.
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    I have really got into yellow perch over in eastern washington on scuds and chironomids.As for owens beach my dad works down at the Point Defience Marina in the park by Anthonys resturant.If you walk all the way to point Defience from owens beach you can get into coho salmon sea perch and bottomfish as for the railroad tracks if you can get down there you can catch coho and lingcod.I mean adult coho 3 to 10 pounds not 14" inches long.We fish the railroad tracks with a boat during a certain time of year for coho in 10 to 30 feet of water and you can take them just under the surface sometimes.Let me know how you do if you fish the salt around point Defience.GOOD LUCK.


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    I have been very successful catching perch on an olive damsel nymph slow trolled on a type 2 full sinking line. Try soft hackle patterns, spider patterns (SRC type patterns), or anything that breathes well in the water.

    I'm sure you can get them on the surface in the evening with chironomid emerger patterns also, but I haven't tried this as I didn't have an emerger pattern that I really liked when I was doing this last year.

    Good Luck!

    Chris Grieve
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    Hey Rockfish try Lake Sawyer out by Covington for yellow perch. Try a heavily weighted clouser, white on bottom and pink on top. Don't extend the tail and wing too far past the hook, for some reason they seem to short strike alot. Fish the deeper edge of underwater weedbeds down to 20 ft deep. Use short strips and let it fall, like you were jigging it. Hook size, 6-10 bass stinger or a 4 salt water hook should be fine. They should come pretty easy and have saved the day when the bass didn't seem to enjoy my company. Oh yea, watch out for the skiers and wave runners, they tend to not care about our safety too much.

    Good hunting,
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    couldn't bring myself to do it during the last part of pre spawn. I'll check it out during post spawn. I'm a freak I know it. yeah I;ve been meaning to check out sawyer for bass. now I got another reason.