fly fishing for the bourgeoisie (elite and filthy wealthy)

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    Much as I respect your point of view, criticism of Cheney on a fishing forum is quite justified. Cheney personally used the power of his office to directly intercede in the Klamath River irrigation conflict in 2001, directly causing the mortality of 30,000 chinook salmon. It doesn't matter what the party affiliation is, but when a politician interferes with applicable legal processes to favor a specific political constituency, that's legitimate fodder on fishing and environmental internet forums.

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    :rofl::rofl::rofl:I didn't even catch that:beathead::beathead::D Oops, oh well, thanks for the correction guys. Maybe I shouldn't have dropped out of college:rolleyes::D:rofl::rofl:

    Yes they were Ed, I enjoyed a nice day on a little mountain stream.
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    Heh heh...I told you that was some funny chit!
    The internet is rife with these kinds of mistakes, even done it myself I'm sure. Usually you can still decipher the poster's meaning, but on occasion, reading the bit as typed produces some chuckles. In some instances what is actually typed causes one to pause and actually think in a new what happens when a state does not succeed.

    Most businesses that fail, shut down. Often times there is a huge going out of business sale!
    Some states might try to sell off assets to stay solvent. Maybe Idaho could divest itself of that ungainly panhandle. Or North Dakota...well...maybe North Dakota is not such a good example. But hey! Do we really need two Dakotas? Maybe those guys could merge?

    Sorry for the rambling...too many Dead concerts in my youth.
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    It's alright to criticize Cheney on specific issues, I have no problem with that. But, general nasty remarks for the sake of nasty remarks is not appropriate. Also, I know a farmer in Klamath Falls area, Cheney is his hero, their way of living was almost destroyed. Many of the Farmers were literally ready to take up arms and fight the Government over the issue. The question which will have different answers is: Was the death of some salmon justified so the thousands of agricultural depended folks in the Klamath River area may continue to live like they have for over hundred years. Even in that situation there was two sides to the issue, when we become so narrow minded we fail to see that others may disagree and it shouldn't surprise us, and they to have reasons. Maybe he made the decision out of compassion for the farmers plight, maybe it was the wrong decision, it doesn't make him an evil man.
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    You have the entire US Constitution on your wall, including all of the Amendments? You must have a heck of a House. ;)

    Remember when Bill Clinton shut down LAX for 6 hours so he could get a haircut in Air Force One?

    A couple of years after that he decided to meet Jesse Ventura at the airport in Minneapolis so they shut down that Airport for over 6 hours. Two hours before the arrival of Air Force One. The time that the POTUS is at the Airport and for one hour after Air Force One departs.

    He could have had his haircut and meeting at a local hotel so the Airports could have stayed open but he decided he would rather shut down two Hubs for his convenience.

    Arrogance crosses Party Lines.
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    Except for the Libitarian Party, they don't even get media coverage:p

    Back on closing down waters; could you be arrested for fishing on them anyway? For instance, say Dick wanted to fish the lower Skagit this July 9th for the Kings, so they closed it down for him to fish. Now what if some one decided that they also wanted to fish this fishery that has been closed for awhile, so they went out anyway; could he/she be arrested and charged for that?

    Also, what if that person was someone who lived on the river and they were fishing off of their own property?
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    About ten years ago I was flying into Chicago. When we arrived in Chicago we began circling around the City and out over Lake Michigan. The pilot announced that we are circling the Chicago area because Air Force 1 had just landed and they are securing the Airport. We circled for about 20 minutes and sure enough parked away from everything was Air Force 1. Almost missed a connecting flight except for the fact that everything was being delayed. Things happens, Clinton was President at the time. No one on the plane complained.
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    Just a little "OCD" disorder note here: Please substitute the correct word, s-e-c-e-d-e, secede, for the word s-u-c-c-e-e-d, s-u-c-c-e-s-s etc. etc. as they are totally different in meaning and intent and have no revelance whatsoever in the quoted context! :ray1:

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    LOL.saved me from doing it.....

    And about Peter, Paul and're handed a ramshackle building that the last tenants have kicked to crap. The plumbing's shot, the roof leaks, there's holes in the drywall, and there's 3 mortgages against it, and a massive debt.
    Oh, and most of your neighbours hate you.
    The new guy comes in and starts fixing it up, and tries to make it livable, and yet folks deride his actions like he created the problem. Let me qualify this by tellin' ya'll I live in BC, but, man, the guy just got the job. Let him work.

    Now let's discuss Canadian politics.... [IMG] ...yeah, I thought so.
    At least yours are interesting.

    Anyway, I got sidetracked.....RISEFORM: that crawdad in your the tying instructions for that?
    That's one cool lookin' fly.
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    Jimmy Carter once fished the Yellowstone backcountry (Slough Creek I think) all by himself for 4 or 5 days. No secret service, no friends, just the river, the fish and him. Regardless of your thoughts on his politics, it is hard not to admire the guy a bit. How many other former presidents would do that (or even could since Teddy R).
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    I really try to stay out of the political discussions on this forum, particularly since I don't use my real name. I just couldn't resist the "what comes after a trillion" joke.

    As for the Clouser crayfish, here's a website with decent instructions. Instead of the furry foam used for smallmouth bass, Clouser uses mottled turkey feather (size 10 hook) for trout. Fished dead drift like a nymph. I don't think it's mentioned in the tying instructions, but with the fly out of the vise, if you stroke the hen mallard flank feather with the inside edge of your scissor (like you would strip ribbon wrapping a birthday present to make it curl) it curves the claws in nicely.

    Oh, and it works!
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    So instead of tying back the foam at the end, I'd tie in a big shwack of turkey feather over the eye, then use it as the back after?
    Cool fly, gonna try it, although I'm new to tying.

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    Yes, you tie and fold the turkey feather segment exactly as they use the furry foam in that tutorial. Treat it with Tuffilm fixative to keep the fibers from fracturing when you fold it back upon itself. Obviously, you can't penetrate the eye of the hook and finish the tail like they do with the foam. I kept the tail long in my avatar, but cut it even with the top of the eye or the end will fray with use. Here's a couple views from a past swap. (My apologies to Mr Cheney for hijacking this thread.)

    [IMG] [IMG]
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    Careful, that SOB will shoot you in the face.

    Thx for that, RF! I'll try it!
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    Riseform, those mudbugs are quite amazing. I'm sure Mr. Cheney can appreciate the tying talent. Maybe he'll use one of those to keep from getting skunked the next time he closes a stretch of river.
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    That would be a "bazillion." I don't know how much it is, but I've heard that word a lot lately.:rofl:
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    I too have been fishing with Dick!!! My sister went to school with Dick's Daughter Mary at the U of C, and they, well, dated for awhile. So my sister attended a few Cheney family get togethers over the years and I happened to get invited along once and Met Dick. My sister said she did not like Dick, so I was intimidated when I met him, but we had flyfishing in common so we had something to chat about. He was still an intimidating dude, I'll tell ya! A year or so later I'll be damned If I didn't get an invite to go fishing with him on the Green River!

    I went.

    It was a surreal experience, like 60 men in black; snipers, zodiacs, helicopters, Suburbans, scuba divers, the whole division hovering over under and around our drift boat like a bunch of angry wasps. I was totally blown away by the whole deal, but Dick was pretty used to it. He didn't say a whole lot at first, and he seemed pretty pissed in general, so I kept my mouth shut. After he got a couple slugs of the 24 oz Coors he out of his cooler into him he loosened up a bit, and boy o boy did he have allot on his mind.

    After He hollered at all the SS guys that were surrounding us in six or seven other drift boats to back off or he would have them all transferred to Guam, he started in:

    He said W was "pussy whipped" by Condi, and that what we needed was a 3 front war against Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran, and that Iraq should have been "Our Goddamned parking lot by now". He started over casting and thrashing the water, spitting out sentences between slugs of Coors and punches of his fly pole. "Turn all the Stans into Puerto Ricos Then get that prick Putin"... "Colin can lick my balls" .... "Kerry is limp wristed traitor from Massachusetts" ... "They served fucking enchiladas on Air Force One"...

    At some point, a Mule deer doe standing dumbly by the water looking at the flotilla caught Dicks eye. He pointed at the deer with his fly pole and bellowed out of the corner of his mouth, "BLAST THAT FUCKER". Silence. The SS guys were terrified of him, but I think they thought it was a bad idea to open up on the doe. If one shot went off the that canyon, all 60 men in Black would have riddled everything within 2 miles full of depleted uranium ordinance. You could have heard a pin drop, everyone was waiting to see what Dick was gonna do, and to everyone's great relief, he started to pick up his line. The storm seemed to be over, but he did mutter "Pansies" under his breath. It was the damnedest thing, but there was a 22" Brownie on the end of his line.. Honestly I think one of the scuba guys slipped it on there because the thing came in like a big hunk of algae was cross eyed and pretty well done.

    A couple minutes later he asked me if I was a Republican (It was the first time he really spoke directly to me all morning), I don't know where I got the courage, but I said I was a Ron Paul guy. He look at me with his steely blues, paused a second, then said, "That's alright- we SHOULD privatize every fucking thing".

    Then there was the whole insane deal at the ramp with the Code Pink chick, but I am going fishing today so I gotta go... man what a day that was.
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    I don't believe you.
  19. Water Flogger Howdy neighbour!!

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    Pure awesomeness.

    Four Frickin stars, I just choked on my coffee.
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    I believe mini-e.
    I read a story about "Dick" and fly fishing and I bet it happened just like that.
    mini-e ya got to finish the story about the "Code pink chick" gotta be a great read.