fly fishing for the bourgeoisie (elite and filthy wealthy)

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  1. Ah yes: Olberman, Limbaugh, Maddow, Beck...all voices of moderation and objective truth. I love where this country is going!
  2. Let's see here. The cash for clunkers program says if you trade in car A for car B then the government will give you a rebate amounting to C. That sounds pretty simple doesn't it? Well the federal government already has that program so screwed up that dealerships across the country are screaming bloody murder and are holding the bag for millions of dollars. Ya, I want the government running something as complicated as the health care system!!!! They do everything so well!!!
  3. WOW! This is good.....first, the triumverate of Rummy, Bushed and Cheney took this particular Independant and pushed me far to the left...on some far as Air America I'm not sure what station broadcasts it, so maybe you can help me out on that one! Second, to list those 4 people grouped together in one sentence and statement makes me think you only know their names! No offense, I'm sure your a great guy, but really! Third, I haven't heard what a disaster the "clunker" program has turned into, so maybe we'll wait on that one. As far as health care, the best program we have is for the vets[so says the top Republicans] and the vets deserve the best...but it is run by the feds and is .....hold on for this one..... a Socialed program! Time for somebody that just left a Town Hall meeting to chime in! Lets see some Fish Porn this time! Be cool and if your 'feathers' are ruffled use them to tie up some flies!:rofl:
  4. Reading the comments on that video is going to give me a mental hernia.
  5. I just think the damn thing is funny, whether you hate the guy or love him. Check out the rest of their videos, they have loads of fun with other politicians...they have no bias when it comes to making jokes at a politicians expence (right and left). I think people need to stop getting so godamn worked up over who said what about what politician. Name ANY politician out there and I garentee there is something that could be made into a good joke enjoyed by all.
  6. I love Jib Jab's stuff, but those comments (supporters and detractors of the video) are so devoid of any form of intelligence it kind of takes the fun out of it. Take this one:


    POOR PWEOPLE ARE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!eleven!!!!!! "

    Sadly I speak nettard fluently, so I can translate the tongue in cheek attempt at humour, but really, do you want these people voting some day?
  7. Oh...comments...yup now I get you. I used to read those things at the end of articles and other stuff, but then I realized our country has a whole lot of people dwelling in the basements of their mom and dad's house.:D
  8. I don't know what to say, here. Part of me wants to puke, and the other part wants the war to begin now. This began as a commentary on the need for a politician to be safe while recreating, and it's devolved into a rant on Bush/Cheney, with a few shots taken by the Obama haters (one of whom, I happen to be). While I agree that they shouldn't have the ability to shut down a stream, I also decry the vitriol poured out on conservatives. While I don't usually go round bad-mouthing liberals, it's getting to the point that I'm actually considering it.
  9. Sorry, guys; hit the wrong button! I consider you all to be my friends. Voting for the politician of your choice is one thing: to constantly put down the other guy because you disagree with his choice is entirely another.

    Bear in mind that the circle of guys I hang out with consists primarily of former military. Some have seen combat, some have not. My closest friend and neighbor lost his son in Iraq, and listening to the current crop of liberals rant about the opposition, we both have concluded that if called upon to go back to war against the enemies of the current state, we'd both refuse. It saddens me to think that many of the people I encounter aren't worth giving my life for. It's like this: when I ended my active duty tour, we mustered out from Alameda. Getting on the bus to take us to our various departure hubs, we had to run the gauntlet of anti-war protesters. The peace-loving, well-meaning sacks of shit hit us with their signs, threw dog crap at us, spat on us, etc. We managed to restrain ourselves, but I promise you, the next POS who spits on this ex-SEAL will be dead before he hits the ground. I'm tired of all the provocation being sent my way as a conservative. Unlike what you'd hope to believe, I DO have a brain, and several advanced University degrees, don't live in the basement of my parents' home (both are long dead), and DON'T text anybody about anything. Bottom line, you don't respect my opinion and politics, I sure as hell won't respect yours. It's ironic that we spend so much time respecting a fish, but can't take the time to respect our respective points of view.

    Thanks for letting me rant, gang. Maybe I need to break my "Kate" out of the gun locker, and see if I can still hit the pie plate from a half-mile.
  10. Alex...iagree.

    Here's a link to one of my favorite videos. I watch it from time to time when I need a little reminder.

  11. Thanks, Bitterroot, beautiful video, and a poignant reminder. I won't fight for the people, but for the enabling ideas. As we say in the Gaelic; "I raise a dram to ye".
  12. :hmmm:
    Just a month after emerging from bankruptcy reorganization, G.M. is running low on cars.

    The company said Tuesday it would add shifts and run some plants on overtime so it can increase production by 60,000 vehicles by year’s end in response to the demand created largely by the “cash for clunkers” program.

    The move mirrors one made last week by Ford, which also plans to increase production to meet demand that was heightened by the clunkers program.
  13. Of all the claims for reimbursement made by dealers the government has only paid 2%, citing the main cause to be inadequate paperwork submitted by dealers. I guess they forgot to dot an i or cross a t. :beer2:
  14. I'm sure you can understand that all car manufacturers, Honda and Toyota included, have reduced production in this economic climate. No doubt Chevy & Ford more so for additional reasons. Now they're in a difficult situation trying to ramp up to fill the void. But for how long is probably a big question.
  15. That'll change once fish suffrage is granted. I can envision those bastards with their entitled fins out voting to raise my taxes.
  16. Going back to the original intent, David and I fished the Madison one day a few year ago, with 2 black Suburbans and an occasional helicopter watching the whole day. We put in the same launch in the moring, and a couple of guys came over and struck up a conversation, looked at the boat, obvioulsy checking us out, We launched a head of them but saw the trailing 4 boats all day. No issues, they left us alone, but we were strreatched out on the water by a good distance. Needless to say we were watched all day. Didn't stop us from lighting up, they didn't care.
  17. That's the stuff
  18. Chris must be on vacation again...:hmmm:

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