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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by gregsalmon, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. I will be in West Seattle this month. Any suggestions on flyfishing the beach for cutties? Never done it before looking for some hints.
  2. Greg, I hope your trip to Seattle is fun and you get a chance to fish the area. Please note that you won't get very many responses providing specifics on locations to fish this area due to the heavy fishing pressure of this huge population area. People tend to keep their favorite places secret. Use the search function on this forum and you'll find plenty of options that would meet your needs. Again, welcome to Seattle and good luck on your fishing and searches.
  3. You should repost this question in the Saltwater section of the forum. FYI it's a numbers game- pretty much any beach w/ decent tidal movement and cobbles will at some point have fish. They cover a great deal of water to find food and so must you to find them :) Good luck!
  4. In the Saltwater forum, you will find references to several quality shops in the area that can help you get dialed in. Especially if if you're going to fish while you're here, and then go away.
  5. Are you asking about where else to fish besides West Seattle? Are you here for only one day?

  6. South Sound beaches tend to be better
  7. And if you're from Sitka, you should be fishing from the beaches there for cutties. I'm sure we pale in comparison! A good place to start is the parks, but they kind of blow when you compare it to AK.
  8. The best part about fishing the beaches in West Seattle is there are at least a dozen excellent places to eat when you're done. And they are less than 10 minutes away.
  9. How much time will you have to fish?

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