Fly-Fishing Scholarships?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by blsseattle, Feb 13, 2008.

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    I am going to be starting my freshman year at the UW this fall. I'm looking for ways to pay for college and it seems like there are scholarships for just about anything. Does anybody know about any fly-fishing or fly-tying scholarships?

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    This doesn't address you question specifically but I read something a little while ago about a NCAA Bass Fishing Championship of somekind. If Bowling can have collegiate scholarships, then why not Bass Fishing? I would imagine there are a couple schools that might offer scholarships though I would expect most of the teams competing at present are probably club teams and not funded by the Athletic Dept. I wonder if there is any kind of collegiate fly casting competition? As far as fly fishing goes, that would seem the most conducive to a collegiate competition/scholarship opportunity.

    Found a link: ...The Ducks have a team, who knew? :eek:
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    Bowling IS a sport!


    As for fishing scholarships, I think they are reserved for those younger than you.
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    Check some of the eastern colleges. Pennsylvania, I think used to have a flyfishing program. Scholorship? I don't know.
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    I think the program would have to be funded by the school ie.. not a club. I know we had a trap and skeet team that traveled all over the U.S. but no scholarships were available because it wasn't funded by the school. a few teams in Missouri had scholarships (go figure) because it was classified as a school sport not a club. Maybe its the same.?
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    That depends on if the OP was looking for a "scholarship" like they talk about all the UW football players having. you know, full ride, free everything, and the university pays for it all. If you want that, yeah, you need to be a team and the program needs to have some big boosters who are interested in your team.

    There are any number of $500-$4000 scholarships that are awarded by civic groups, businesses, non-profits, and the like. I had assumed that was what the OP was looking for. Something along the lines of a FFF scholarship for a young fly-fisher going to college and studying fisheries management.
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    Au contraire....Any game you can play effectively with a beer can in your hand is not a sport. :beer2: :beer1: :ray1:
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    Well you said bass fishing is a sport right?

    I will out bass you 10:1 with a beer can in my hand. :p
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    Did you get a scholarship for that? That would be a highly regarded talent at many universities, particularly in the South. ptyd

    And I grew up fishing for Bass.....I wasn't that good but I think I could hang in at a 5:1 ratio. :)