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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Old Man, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. These Fly fishing shows that they have on TV. How come they only show people catching big fish. The rivers are loaded with smaller fish and sometimes they are more fun to catch than bigger fish. I prefer fishing smaller water and catching little fish.

    It must be that there is a sign on their flies that says no little fish allowed on this fly.

    This is just something I've been thinking on lately. My mind doesn't run to deep.
  2. It's fish porn....who'd watch regular looking people having sex?
  3. I watched Bucky Larson - Porn Star.
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  4. I'm sure there's a niche audience for almost anything....apparently even one in Dillon Montana for watching someone catch numerous small fish!

    Fish porn, like human porn, is successful because it allows people to witness something they're unlikely to actually ever going to enjoy themselves.

    I think I just depressed myself....about the prospect of never catching really big fish....I stopping caring about midgets years ago.
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  5. I catch my share of fish. But just get tied of seeing big fish caught all the time.
  6. And they are always going after trout too!! I would play 'guide' for a day and take the girl from Trout TV out to the Crooked and get her into a bunch of giant White Fish!!
  7. I like pretty fish no matter what size. I like brookies, twin lakes cutts and high mountain stream rainbows with pink fins.
  8. You know, I saw that young lady on Trout TV at the Spokane Flyfisher's Extravaganza a few weeks ago (she was in town particpating in a Wounded Warrior outting), and I have to say she's quite an eyefull, and utterly charming.

    All us old farts 'bout killed ourselves sucking in our guts.
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  9. My wife thinks she is a ditz, I think she wears her short shorts about two sizes too big...
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  10. Funny how wives sometimes don't have quite the same perpective as their husbands!
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  11. Yeah, she thought the same thing about those two Courtney and Shelly that were on a few years back...
    I would get the one a nose job (dont remember which one, but one needed a shnozz job bad!), and let all three of them girls be my fishin' partners!!
    Now about porn stars.... I dunno, I get kinda tired of seeing the over inflated Michelin DD's bouncing around more of a distraction than attractive...
  12. These days I seem to specialize in small fish... Not that I really want to but thats how its working out!!!!
  13. Quit fishing at the hatchery. There's more better water out there.
  14. Hey Jim, didn't you know?....Size matters...! :cool:
  15. I live in washington were theres not alot of wild fish left in the suberbia of the westside, But when I retire from Boeing and move to dillon MT. I'll be trading in my steeltoe boots for a snow shovel & some montana browns
  16. Good editing. I think Bill Dance would be fun to fish with.
  17. i'm going to pilot a new show for Puget sound fishing; sculpin and flounder domination
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  18. No TV, No problem. Also helps with more fishing.

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