Fly Fishing Store Burglarized

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by scottmel, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Vermin, scumbags, leaches on society.

    Unfortunately they seem to be nearly everywhere these days.
  2. People Suck! You wonder why some just want to get out and fish!
  3. Our home was recently burglarized and it's a shitty feeling. They went through all my fishing gear but didn't take anything...thank God! I think they were girls that didn't know the value.
    I hope they catch these tweeker pieces of human shit!
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  4. I'm usually home; come into my house uninvited, and you'll meet Mr. Sig-Sauer; so much as breathe out of rhythm and it'll be a closed-casket funeral. You can stay there, on your knees, with your hands behind your neck, fingers interlaced, while I light up a cigar and we wait for the sheriff. Or the coroner: your choice.

    Have I actually done this? Not here in WA. In Sacramento, yes. 5 different times, sadly. The last little bastard met Mr. Remington-at least the business end-while holding his little chrome revolver. Most unwise.
  5. Here I thought you really were the meanest SOB in the valley, yet there you go, giving the perp a choice. Ye'r gettin' soft.
  6. I'm not surprised. I don't like Sacramento.
  7. Don't buy used gear unless you can verify it's origin. or rightful ownership.. be very wary of brand new gear for sale
  8. I bought my rod kit from them great price for a Sage One 10' sorry for there lost too bad our laws encourage more of this by not putting them in prison when caught.
  9. I've bought a couple things from them that I didn't find locally. I think some rod glue for a loose butt (there's an opening). It's a good business. Sorry to hear it.
  10. Just placed a small online order. Help them get back on their feet.
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  11. I just heard that they got most of their rods back. Glad to see they caught a break.
  12. I save on ammo this way, and the sheriff likes it better too; he gets to keep the back of his cruiser free of bloodstains.:cool:
  13. so, how big was your grow?
  14. my "grow"? I have no idea what you're referring to.
  15. Bloodstains wouldn't be a problem if the sheriff carried a body bag in the trunk. And even a frugal Scotsman can afford a double tap by counting it toward your monthly proficiency practice.
  16. Hadn't thought of that angle, SG! Don't you think though, that one round of Critical Defense in .40 between the headlights would be sufficient... would more be an ostentatious show of extravagence?
  17. One round would require aiming, and two rounds would only be ostentatious in the case of someone . . . . . like you Alex! Ha!

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