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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by sroffe, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. I am assembling a 2wt rod with Forecast single food wire guides. I realized when I put the guide on, that they lean forward. I don't think they are suppose to stay that way, but, they come that way. After you put them on, do you bend them into a vertical position? Or do they stay that way?

    Thanks for the advice.

  2. Every single-foot rod I ever owned looked just like your picture, think that's the way they are supposed to be. Never built one though so ?

  3. All single foot guides will lean like that. I have never bent a sf guide I have always left the angle and never had any issues with drag or anything.
  4. although its a 2wt, you may wanna lock the guide with additional wraps. i can't recall the name of the technique, it's been a long week...
  5. Forhan locking wrap? I never use a locking wrap and have never had an sf guide come loose.
  6. Thanks guys. That Forhan locking wrap idea is a good one, but, I will probably leave it out on this build.
  7. I don't use Forhan's wrap on small rods and I have never had an Issue with a guide moving on a small wt rod. Just make sure your wraps are tight and packed and you will be fine
  8. Like Matthew said and on single foot guides, do not use color preserver. It does not let the finish penetrate to the blank and fill the void around the guide foot.

  9. That's my thinking. Thanks for the feedback gentlemen.


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