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  1. fish out of water

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    I'm new to washington and need info on the best pattterns to work for the local trout. Any suggestions?
  2. Jonduke

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    There are a lot of good patterns, for different waters. I'll give you a rundown on my favorite patterns for a variety of waters.
    For lakes, I like general attractor streamers and nymphs, like Woolly Buggers, Carey Speacial, Nygeress Nymphs, and Fathead Minnow patterns (for Pass Lake). Of course, hatches occur, and for damselflies I reccomend the Nygeress Nymph (one of my favorite local patterns) or any marabou damselfly nymph. For Callibaetis, I like Callibaetis Emergers, Parachute Adams, and Skip Nymphs. Chironimids are the most important, and I fish with TDCs, Iced Chironimids, Brassies, Palmino Midges, and Griffiths Gnats.
    If you fish small mountain streams, I like attractor dries and nymphs. The Irrestible Wulff is impossible to beat for a sturdy, amazingly buoyant, easy to see attractor dry fly. The Bead Head Pheasant Tail nymph is my underwater choice; it combines realism with action. Other backups I carry are Royal Wulffs, Yellow Humpies, Stimulators, Adams, Prince Nymphs, Hares Ears, and Red Squirrels (the nymphs all beadhead).
    Last but not least, on large rivers with big, selective trout (Yakima, Kettle, Spokane Rivers) I use a bunch of different patterns. If nothings happening hatch-wise, I use huge streamers like Zuddlers and Krystal Buggers, on long shank size 4 hooks. Knocks the big ones dead (I've caught 20 inch rainbows on the Yak and 25 inch browns on the Kettle!). For the Yakima, another really special fly is a big size 6 black stone. Kauffman's Stones work, but home-made ones with plenty of hackle, weight, and dubbing are the best. I've had 30+ fish days with these nymphs. There are some hatches on these rivers, and for caddis I use the X-Caddis religiously. For PMDs and BWOs I use parachute emergers in the right size and color. Stonefly adults (Salmonflies, Golden Stones, Skwalas, and Yellow Sallies) can be effectively matched with good ol' Stimulators or Irrestible Temptations to match the size.
    This all, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg. Find the right patterns that suit you, and catch fish. Good Luck!
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    Jonduke. I'm courious,how big of a fly box do you carry. With all those flies you mentioned. I carry five boxes and And I think that is too many. I sure would like to get out and lose some but I just can't seem to get out there. So much water and so little time.
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    I will try to keep this to a minimum: Lakes - Callibaetis Cripples, damsels (both adult and nymphs) and buggers; Rivers: the basics - Adams Parachutes, PMDs, Caddis, a few emergers, Royal Wulffs, Dave's Hoppers, B.H. Prince Nymphs, Copper Johns, Pheasant Tails and Hare's Ears Nymphs. If you have questions, give me a call.

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