Fly Poles Affordable VS Exspensive?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Akuriko, May 22, 2013.

  1. Akuriko

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    Im deep thinking of starting with a reddington fly rod outfit.

  2. It looks like Cabela's has some Redington Classic Trout rods in stock for $89. I don't know if you could find a better rod for twice the money.
  3. Akuriko

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    Is that with reel too?
  4. Mark Walker

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    Always remember...."Fishdontcarewhatyoupaid"!
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  5. Salmo_g

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    That Reddington CT can't be beat for value and performance. There are threads on here extolling its virtues and when and where it's been on sale. And that price probably doesn't include a reel, but that's OK.

    You need one rod to begin fly fishing. If you decide you enjoy the sport, then for the rest of your life you will always need "just one more" fly rod. And that's OK too.

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  6. Akuriko

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    What type of fly reel would be good with the reddington trout rod?
  7. Truthfully, you could probably stuff the line in your pocket and be just fine, for most fishing the reel just holds the line. If you get the Redington Classic Trout just put a post in the classifieds that you're looking for a reel to go with it and I'm sure you'll get plenty of replies.
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    ok, the other rods i was looking was possibily was the reddington topo,voyant,persuit,cross water. cabelas cahill or wind river was a option as well. the orvis clear water or streamline. or the echo 1, or the bass pro hobbs creek, or dog wood canyon. Doing research and reading reviews on em right now. ok once i buy the rod, if it doesnt come with reel i will look into the classified ads here. :) thanks for the advice.
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    Buy what you can afford. Even if it is a "Walmart" special. I started flyfishing in college, when I had no money. My first rod was a 29.99 combo from Walmart and I have not looked back. I fished that rod for well over a year, before it was replaced with a slightly better piece of garbage- a rod I bought from Sports Authority for $75.00.

    Now, 13 years later, I can afford the best gear on the market and guess what the most expensive rod I own cost me? I believe it was $225 (TFO BVK). I pair that rod with a $150 reel (Lamson Konica). The other rods I use often were about $ 170 ( Echo Carbon) and $140 ( TFO Pro). The most expensive line I own cost me $50.

    If you are a fisherman, you will catch fish no matter the price of the gear you buy. I fish a good amount, probably 50-75 times a year. Today, I decided to wake up at 4 am and make the 3+ hour drive over the Taylor River. The fishing was good and there were a bunch of fisherman on the water because of the holiday weekend. Many had ultra expensive gear and I will humbly say I outfished the bulk of them, budget rod and all.

    Now I am not against buying expensive gear. It is even necessary in some cases. However, if you are chasing freshwater fish, buy what you can afford when it comes to gear. Trust me, to get good at this sport, you'll more than pay for the good fish you eventually catch. However, what a lot of new folks don't understand is that it is going to cost you time on the water, not dollars. Well, time and gas money!

    Good luck!
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  10. Akuriko

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    Thanks, i read reviews on crystal river, i call em the walmart special, i am worried if i go that low for $20 to $30 then it will break asap. i wanted a quality one, i also was affraid for the same reason as the basspro dogwood canyon and the hobbs creek, same with the cabelas cahill or 3 rivers. just have my own fears, when it comes to spin cast reels i understand those allot better. but i want a challange as well as try something new. again thank you for the advice. :)
  11. Salmo_g

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    Although there are very few bad fly rods on the market these days, please remember and take this to heart, the vast majority of existing bad rods occur at the lower price points where you seem to be shopping. There might be cheaper alternatives like the Walmart Special, and it's not that it is so much more likely to break, but rather that it's more likely to just be a crappy rod in terms of casting action. Given this consideration, and I've personally given many low end rods the in store wiggle and shake test, I can't help but believe your best bet is the Reddington CT. That rod has been given "best buy" reviews several times here on WFF. Other Reddington rod models have their fans and detractors, so buying one of them is likely to be more of a gamble than the CT. My thought is, why take the chance?

    Regarding reel selection, a 9' or 8 1/2' graphite fly rod is very light, so buy as light a fly reel and you can. Don't worry about getting a high quality disc drag that can stop a semi truck. You don't need that on a trout reel. You just need something to prevent spool over-run. The best quality simple trout reel that I know of is the discontinued Ross Colorado that can sometimes be found on Ebay for around $100. Any reel for less than $100 other than a Pflueger Medalist is probably a temporary investment, rather than a lifetime one. The problem with Medalists is that they are kinda' heavy on light trout rods IMO.

    Good luck in your quest to get geared up.

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  12. Old Man

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    I know that a trout reel is just for holding the line. But I have a cheap 3wt reel that I have been using for over four years now. It's a 3/4 Martin reel. Paid $29.95 for it. It's been through thick and thin and many fish in these four years. I give it a good lube job at the start of the season. It's like a Timex watch, it takes a licking and keeps on ticking/spinning.
  13. Daryle Holmstrom

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  14. Akuriko

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    Thanks again for the advice, i wanted to say my brands i am looking at is Reddington, Sage and RL Winston for the other fact of lifetime warrenty, plus i am surprised and learned that the difference between say 12 weight and 3 weight depending on rod series from manufactures is a 1/4 ounce to 1 ounce difference in weight, so i learned something new. :)