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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Peyton00, May 21, 2013.

  1. I am interested in purchasing a variety of flies. Do i post here for the tying guys to fill my order or post in classifieds ( wtb). I am asking first before i post my 'wish list'. Thanks for input and advice.
  2. Probably WTB on classifieds would get you more love
  3. What you looking for?
  4. He already got a bite! Nice cast... ;)
  5. I am interested in some flies for the coming pink season. I need wet flies for trolling the lakes and dry flies for the Yak and lakes later this summer. I don't know enough beyond the most popular flies on the 'Top 100" fly list. I would be counting on the fly gurus to tie me the ones they feel work best on west side lakes near the Tacoma, Olympia area. I would take some chironomids too, since i am new to that endeavour. I would rather buy from local guys then off ebay etc. I use 4wt for dries and 5 wt for wet .I will prepay and can pick up if local ( pierce county area). THANKS again for all input and advice.
  6. I think your best option is to go to your local fly shop and ask them what you need, what they don't have you could try to get here.
  7. I don't know what you are willing to pay, but if your expectation is based on fly prices at commercial online sites or in fly shops, your request is a bit like asking for the generosity of forum members to donate their time to tie flies for you, since most of us don't tie as efficiently as commercial tyers (although there are a few commercial tyers on her, no doubt). There might be some who are willing to donate their time, as I have from time to time to donate to a cause, but it might be a tough thing to ask.

    Hill's Discount Flies is a sponsor of this site and sells good quality flies at a good price. I think they are local (based in Yakima?) and will have most of the freshwater flies you might want. Flies for pinks are more of a specialty item that most of our westside fly shops stock.

  8. I would second the idea of asking at the local fly shop. They know what is working and what just looks nice floating down the river.

    Give them support and you will find a lot more education than just tying on a fly and dumping it in the water. Prices are not that outrageous either. Most shop sell at a reasonable price.

    If you feel the price is too steep or the BS is too deep, keep your money in your pocket. Like Will Rogers counseled, if you fold it over and out it back in your wallet, you have doubled your money.
  9. Prices dont bother me, I am looking for some flies from the guys on this site. I will visit the local shop and see what i can pull from their brains and inventory. I was assuming some on here would want their flies used to land fish on lakes and streams that they normally don't fish. I will ask in the classified sections too.
    I know if i get near a tying vise, it will consume me for years to come and lead me down a rabbit hole and i wont see the light of day for ages....
  10. It's not a bad rabbit hole! There's nothing like making just the right cast to that tough fish using a fly you tied the night before just for that water.
  11. OK, one of the administrators Big-E does custom tying orders. His prices are outstanding and his quality is superb. You can tell him what you want and he will tie for you. He's fast, fair and a hell of a tier. Shoot him a pm. It will be better than most anything you will find online. He just tied up some Vladi Worms for me that look delicious!

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  12. Thanks Thomas for the insight.... again, i really appreciate all input.

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