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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by worldanglr, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. worldanglr

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    Well I just got in a few of Loop new Evotech's so I'm getting rid of my old reels. Here's what I have:

    Lamson Radius R1.5

    Bought last year, in excellent condition except for a couple of nicks on the backside, designed for a four or five weight. Reel has seen light-use, bought it as a backup reel for South America. Loaded with a Scientific Anglers WF5F XXD line, in excellent condition.

    MSRP: $145 make reasonable offer.

    Ross San Miguel Two,Equipment/Reels/Ross/PRD_59577_1392crx.aspx

    This beautiful little trout reel are perfect for a three/four weight. Ross no longer makes these reels so they're pretty hard to find... This one is about four years old and has seen a fair bit of use, it's in perfect functional condition but has quite a few dings and nicks, if interested I'll send a photo. Comes with original neoprene case.

    MSRP: $335 New, make reasonable offer.

    Bauer LM3

    The original large arbor fly reel, no longer in production (replaced by the M4 SuperLite). Perfect for a 6 weight. Bought this reel for New Zealand four years ago and it has served me well... I just got this reel back from the Bauer factory where I had the inside drag system completely rebuilt, so the drag is like new. This reel has come with me across a few continents and it's been well used, there are quite a few nicks and dings on the outside of the spool and rim, but it's perfectly functional and the insides (the part that counts) are brand new. This reel is loaded with a lightly used WF6F SA Steelhead Taper in excellent condition. Comes in original neoprene case. The new Bauer M4 SuperLite spools fit this reel...

    MSRP: $265, make reasonable offer.

    Lamson Litespeed LS3 and Spare Spool

    I have two of these and two spare spools so I thought I'd get rid of on of each. Fully sealed drag system, well maintained. I bought these a year ago for South America, reels and spools are in excellent condition with a few cosmetic nicks and dings. They're designed for 6/7/8 weight lines, comes in original neoprene cover.

    Reel MSRP: $295
    Spool MSRP: $130

    Make reasonable offer, will sell seperately or together for a discounted price.
  2. alpinetrout

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    Those reels have got some battle stories...
  3. windtickler

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    Are any of those lines that long-bellied line you were hucking out here last summer?
  4. worldanglr

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    Read: good fish karma :)

    John: Yeah, the long bellied line I was huckin with you earlier this summer was the Steelhead taper, the Bauer has a near new 6 weight steelhead taper on it. The Radius has a 5 weight XXD line on it, which is a similar long taper...

    I'm open to reasonable offers, going to put them on ebay this weekend if I no one local is interested :)
  5. windtickler

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    PM me your number, would you? I have a proposition for you.
  6. worldanglr

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    Litespeed/spool is sold.
  7. alpinetrout

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    Ryan left the Ross and the Bauer with me, so if anyone is interesting in buying either one, let me know. Otherwise they're off to Ebay soon.
  8. alpinetrout

    alpinetrout Banned or Parked