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  1. well i have looked on line and off i have looked high and low well there all hi and no low so were shood i go


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  2. You might try the Emporium at the south end of Lake Union. Don't know if you already have the reel / line, but they do have some reasonable packages. Cheap is a relative term and I don't know what cheap is to you. St. Croix has some good, reasonably priced rods.
  3. SPORTCO seems to have some reasonably priced rods but I've never used any of the ones they have for sale so cannot vouch for how well they perform.
  4. What are you fishing for or what weight do you want:?? I have been fishing small stream, I bought a Cabela's Three Forks fly rod, 7'-6" 3 wt for $40. It doesn't have any warranty coverage, I broke the tip on my first rod, so now I have a 6'-6" 5 wt, but for $40 I bought a second rod as a replacement. They have Three forks rod from 3 wt to 8 wt. If you're an REI member they now carry fly fishing equipment, the Seattle store early this year had Scott's, St. Croix and Redington rods on display, they are sold at or around suggested retailer price but if you're a member you will get a dividend back about a 10% discount.:) Also you can check out REI online outlet store.
  5. The Outdoor Emporium is the spot to hit. They have a minimal website at, but do visit. they are about 2 blocks north of REI and a block west, in Downtown Seattle.

    They carry a good selection of W.W. Grigg rods, and Okuma Sierra reels, and a variety of lines all at discount prices. I have a 7wt Grigg rod with a Okuma Sierra 7/8 reel that was about $90 total. My fishing buddies may josh me until they cast it, as it is quite a fine rod, but maybe a bit heavy. It won't compare to a Winston with Abel reel, but it sure is comparable to Orvis SL, Redington RedFly, and the like. Okuma reels are an amazing value for a disc drag reel. I fish my rod for steelhead and salmon and am happy with it. Yeah, I would upgrade, but I am happy until a rod that I just gotta have comes along, so far the only contenders are the Sage blemish blanks that are built up at Patrick's Fly shop for $165-200, but that's out of my price range right now.

  6. OE does have some decent value-priced equipment. Just don't expect a whole lot of service when you go in there.
  7. I can vouch for the okuma sierra reel, it's a great value. I can also vouch on the service, it is almost bad enough to not go back, but the flies are so cheap...
  8. try then go to the auctions and the classifieds. They have some amazing deals on everything. Also, I think has some rods for 40%off.
  9. 1) Ebay

    2) Nothing wrong with St. Croix Rods. Talked with Creekside and their selling them for $150. Personally I wouldn't buy a daily use rod that didn't have a warrantee and St. Croix has one.

    In '89 I bought my first Loomis and was excited as Clinton being asked for a cigar. Within a couple hours I was fishing a nice stream outside of Boise. Only had 45 minutes of light and manager to catch one 15 trout and a beaver. No, I was NOT trying to and besides have you ever pissed off a beaver. Back to the car. While I was taking off my waders my buddy put our rods in the car, started the car, rolled the power windows up, snapped the tips... grrr. Anyway, cost under $20 at the time to get mine replaced.

    Today, I have that rod they sent me. It again has a broken tip due to years of being young and always in a rush at the cost of proper care of the rod. The warrantee will cost me $50 this time but the entire value of what the current model's cost is being offered toward what ever model I like. Pretty sweet since with baby 2 on the way the wife probably wouldn't find buying another rod at full cost our first priority.

    3) Call the shops and ask for used rods. I called the shop I'd suggest trying first but they just sold their last used rod. A little hint on what shops to target are those that support upper end clients coming in and paying a lot of money for all inclusive trips. Usually you'll find these shops in Montana like Blackbird's. They'll have a client come in and set them up with rods and gear. They'll part with the used stuff at great prices.

    4) Ebay. ;)

    Good luck Bob,

  10. I have a Glommis GL2 9' 5wt. Paid 215.00 at OE. Casts like a dream. Might be to much for what you need but you can't beat the rod. Jim S.:jj
  11. welli have been shoping for a rod now i have called shope here and there and the place i found is you can get there 1800# there the man in the shop is vere helpfull and has good priceson sage rods and also many othere types of rods so thankes for the help and fish on and chris thankes for the help

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  12. That's pretty funny. Black Bird's is who I called. I fish the Bitteroot at least a couple times a year and stop in there every time. Yes, they are helpful and periodically have some great deals.
  13. Hook and Hackle has great values on a wide variety of fly fishing equipment they are at :jj
  14. not to sound stuck up there prices are good ok but i have been shopeing for a month or so there prices are the same as most shopes in the area if u need good stuff at a good price like chris said ck out montana they have a huge market on high end rods u can by new used once or twice on a trip there or the have demos realy cheeep like 1/2 off and frome what i seen at blackbirds chris the guy in the shop took 40 bucks of ther shelf price on a sage rod just becaus i told him i haerd about there shop from someone on line and i was in wa there stock is limitede to mostly 3-6wt with some 7s and he only hade 1 8 wt 4 pice sage they have like 4 brands of rods frome resonable to you are out of your mind but still cheepere than i could find elswere

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