fly rod tip found elwha river

Discussion in 'Lost, Found, Stolen' started by amack, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. I found the top half of what looks like an orvis TLS 2 piece rod on the Elwha river about 1/4 mile above Rica Canyon. (green rod, no obvious damage). Let me know if it's yours. Thanks.
  2. Hey, you passed me and my buddy as we were fishing downstream and you were heading upstream at about 5pm.

    Did you have any luck after that? My buddy hooked into one and then lost it. That's about it, slow day.
  3. I had pretty much called it a day when I passed you guys. I don't think I even had a rise. Nice day outside though.
  4. Yeah, we were on our way out as well. But it was a good day.
  5. Amack,

    I was on the Elwha about a month ago fishing with my buddy above Rico Canyon. I believe you have found my rod tip!!! I was crossing the river and had both pieces in my rod tube without the cap zipped up. As I was crossing I slipped and went over and the rod went into the water. I reached down to grab the butt section but the other half was already gone. I would love to get the other piece back, please pm me or just email me. Just go into my personal info. I can't believe that there is no visual damage after all this time. Thanks very much and I hope to get in contact with you. Fshrofmn:thumb:
  6. amack,

    just trying to get ahold of you about my other piece of rod lost on the elwha. please contact via email at thanks fshrofmn

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