Fly rod tuna spots this Friday!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by SilverFly, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. It looks like we may have 3 open spots to fill on a tuna fly fishing charter with Jad Donaldson this Friday 10/4. We had 2 trips canceled last week and now only half the original crew can make it. The forecast is looking good right now. Please PM ASAP me if interested.
  2. When, where, and how much?
  3. Don't have a dock time yet but assuming it's butt-crack-O-dawn at the Hammond OR marina. It's $2600 for the boat so divide accordingly. 6 is the max crew and preferable number. It's gonna be too spendy for me with only 3 or 4. Hammond is a Columbia River port so a Washington license is good (it used to be anyway.)
  4. Don't need a license for tuna
  5. Talked to the CFO, and I won't have that much extra cash laying around. Sounds like a good deal, though. Good luck!
  6. i'm gonna have to make a trip back to fish with jad. everything i've heard makes me think i would really enjoy a trip on his boat.
  7. I'm hoping to find out on Saturday. There's a chance of an open spot but I won't know until later today.

    Friday was cancelled as the 3 of us cannot split the charter fee less than 5 or 6 ways and Jad would be operating in the red with us paying as though it were still a full crew. He's already done that this year and I certainly wouldn't expect him to do it again.

    Jad is planning on fishing Saturday and has some guys lined up to fish gear but our fly crew of 3 may be down to 2 by then. Mixing fly and conventional gear is fine with. I just don't know if that means there will be open spots or not but it is possible that we may be short. I cant afford to split the charter fee less than 5 ways so it would be a deal killer if it were only me and 3 others.

    Until I hear otherwise, I'm planning on being on the dock in Hammond Saturday morning. He is on the water today so I don't expect to hear anything before tonight.
  8. Good luck. I'm hoping to get out there Saturday too via westport. likely my last Tuna trip of the year. There was a good trip report for today on one of the gear forums. Lots of fish still out there - good sized fish too.
  9. A recreational license has been required to fish for albacore tuna since 2006.
  10. The way it's been explained to me is you need a license to fish in Marine areas 1-13. If you go 30 miles out, that ain't Washington any more. I've never been checked upon landing, and we return to Hammond OR. So there are no punches out of my albacore catch record card.
  11. Interesting about Oregon as they have a limit on the number of offshore pelagic species that can be caught.

    Taken from the albacore tuna recreational fishing webpage on the WDFW site ( "Beginning in 2006, a recreational fishing license is required to fish for albacore. Anglers can purchase either a saltwater angling license, or combo license, or a multi-day stamp." You don't need a catch record card for tuna.

    I understand that 35 miles out ain't Washington waters, so I don't know how WDFW can require a license. I'll never say never, but I really don't expect a tuna to be caught within Washington's territorial waters. I'll inquire about it at the office.
  12. On a personal opinion level, I believe there should be a limit on these animals. It never seems to go well when we trust to the ethics of "sportsmen". There was a guy in the shop last week boasting about killing 1500 inexhaustible doves in one day in Argentina. Guess he's never heard of passenger pigeons.
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  13. Over 1500 shots with a shotgun in one day. The best day on doves I ever had was 10 birds with 20 shots. I walk away feeling beat up after 8 rounds of skeet and that's just 200 shots. Me thinks someone is blowing smoke out their other barrel? I'm not talking about you Don,
  14. The fishing has been absolutely insane for the past week. There's a huge mass of fish out there and they're out less than 30 miles, which is very close.

    As for limits, before you worry about how many tuna a few private boaters kill, think about the thousands that get caught by the commercial fleet every single day. The sportfishing impact is a drop in the bucket. Relying on the "ethics" of a commercial fishing industry is what is destroying tuna fisheries. But the sportfishermen are an easy target and aren't anywhere near as organized as the commercial fishing and food industries. Sorry, off my soap box now. Just drives me crazy how we go after sportfishermen for killing fish, then go out to our favorite seafood restaurant, or grab a can of tuna from the cupboard.
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  15. Yeah we figure he was boasting (aka lying), but who would WANT anyone to think they'd shot 1500 birds. Ever, let alone in one day.
  16. Yeah, having spent so many years in Sam's Army as a weapons specialist, I can only imagine a shoulder after 1500 shots with a shotgun. As careful and experienced as one can be, that's a lot of shock. It would be bionic time, IMHO.

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