Fly Shop Liquidation Sale - Seattle Dec 9-11

Discussion in 'Events' started by Steve J., Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Steve J. Red's Fly Shop

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    Hi everyone,

    We are conducting the Liquidation of all fixtures and inventory from the Seattle Kaufmann's store. Everything will go! There is LOTS of fly tying material and flies, along with fly lines and clothing; and we will be bringing both closeout and in-line product over from our store including a slug of Z Axis rods, Loomis Venture reels, and women's clothing for the event. If you're looking for something specific, call Red's Fly Shop and we'll check availability: 509-933-2300.

    Hours of the Sale are:

    Dec 9: 11am -7 pm
    Dec 10: 9 am - 5 pm
    Dec 11: 9 am - packed up and headed out (around noon)

    We hope to see you there,
    Steve Joyce
    Red's Fly Shop
  2. Steve J. Red's Fly Shop

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    Ellensburg WA
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  3. (BigDave) Member

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    11 am

    Packed to the rafters with very polite fly fishers
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    Thanks for the update Dave.

    Steve - Unfortunately I'm sure I'm not alone ... having to work today. Curious how much is left and if it's worth being there early tomorrow.
  5. Steve J. Red's Fly Shop

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    There's still a lot of tying material and some GREAT flies there. We unpacked the rest ofthe fly back-stock last night. We sold most of the Freestone waders and Z Axis rods. There are plenty of wading boots left, too. We were not prepared for the rush that came in the morning. The store got too busy to browse flies and tying materials effectively, and our staff had to dedicate to checkout instead of helping customers on the floor, which took much too long (even with all of us helping) with our handwritten receipt process. By 1:00 it had mellowed out to just a couple shoppers, much better service, and more clarity on sales items. Thank you all for your patience. Fly fishers really are a great group of people.