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  1. I plan on tying some streamer patterns such as the Clouser minnow for SRC and I'm unsure of the hook size. on I will be fishing Vashon Island beaches. All suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. Tiemco 811S stainless steel hook, size 6 and 8.
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  3. Thank you.
  4. gamakatsu ss and sc15 tin coated are a finer wire hook, easier on the fish. Step up to the tiemco or daiichi stainless when you target salmon in the fall to keep from breaking/bending hooks
  5. another option being that your looking to tie clousers is to use waddington shanks. They have a reverse eye so it will keep the barbell eyes from coming loose and spinning around the hook so your flies will last a lot longer, in addition to that you can replace the stinger hooks when they get dull from dinging rocks and as a final benefit it moves the hook to the rear of the fly to get better hookups. they're a bit more expensive but you should be able to go through less flies. when I tie them on a standard hook they always end up coming loose and fouling around the hook even when I use super glue.
  6. Thanks guys. Re Waddington shanks. I understand that they are no longer being made, but there are still dealers that have stock.
  7. Articulated shanks by Fish Skull might be easier to find or just tie your stinger on a cheap Mustad and clip off. See the Miyawaki popper in the SBS section on this method.
  8. I would use the fishskull ones then, I still have a bunch of partridge waddingtons. I feel that the key advantage is the fact that they do not allow he eyes to spin around the hook and its why I prefer them over a clipped stainless hook.

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