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    This rod was built for both a shop in Montana and for myself to see if i could come up with a viable product. We have all seen the fly/spin combo before and the Daiwa executive being the old standard. The problem before was that all though they were good spinning rods they were lousy fly rods. In one of my Rodmaker magazines Tom talked about how to make a "good" combo rod. I used that info and came up with this rod. It casts a 4wt line very decently(40-50' no problem or weird casting stroke) and spin cast a lure 0f 1/16 oz-3/8 oz with ease. I used a thin wall aluminum tube to mount the handle/reel seat on and ferruled both ends. I then cut off the length of the handle on the butt section of the blank and male ferruled it. For the guide placement i used the 27x system for a 1000 series spinning reel.
    Blank-Tiger eye-7'6" 3/4 wt
    reel seat- Fuji 16 mm DPS
    guides- Flexlites
    Grip- CF wells when fly fished and straight whe spin set up




    Not the best photo
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  2. That's a nice looking combo rod. I used to take Rodmaker magazine and it has always had great articles, plus Tom Kirkman's Rod Building Guide published by Frank Amato covers everything you need to know about rodbuilding. Not sure if it's still available but it should be in every ones library. Just checked, still available from Amazon for bargain price of approx. $9.50.

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    Looks great
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    I have that book in my collection. It is quite informative on many types of Rodbuilding.
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    weird but cool
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    Plastic reel seat... :confused: Not very beautiful. But at least it does it's job.
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    I used a Fuji Graphite 16mm spin seat for a couple of reasons:
    1. Most fly reels will fit spinning seats but not vice versa
    2.I was trying to keep both cost and weight down
    3.If a customer would want it with a fancier seat I would do that, this was mostly to see if the concept would work to make a combo rod that would actually cast a fly decently not just be a good spinning rod.
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    Does it slide together like a typical ferrule or does it lock in? I'd be concerned about the seat and handle sections coming undone when used as a spinning rod.

    Great concept though! Most spinner guys use graphite seats instead of metal to save weight, metal is not necessary.
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    It is just a straight ferrule and is a press fit. I fished it for 3hrs on Saturday as spinning rod and caught several fish with one nice rainbow about 18". I had no problem with the ferrule so far and really do not see any in the future. As a spinning rod it will cast a 1/16 oz rooster tail nicely and 1/4 oz. bangtail a mile. It is also very sensitive. I have a surgeons not at about 40' of line and when I would reel it in I could feel every time it ticked across one of those flexlite guides. It was pretty windy, so I did not get to try out the fly part(4wt.) on the water but in the yard casting 50' is not a problem and quite pleasurable to cast. I am more than satisfied on how it works. I am going to take it to Montana to show the shop owner this week end and hopefully generate a few builds. I already have a couple people who horse pack interested in getting ones built.