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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. i was thinking about a swap where everyone would tie carp flies and send them to me to try over here and then i would send none back. how's that sound? o.k. disregard this stupid post, i'm just bored and wanted to hear myself talk. i hope the fishing is good for everybody. oh yeah! and i will expect to see max participation.
  2. I will swap you carp flies for a AR-15, MP-5, AK-47 or some kind of heavy weaponry that will deter the tweekers on the Cedar!!!

    Disclaimer: To all law enforcement officials on this site, this was just a joke!!!
  3. how bout an m-16, m-4 a SAW or a .50 CAL?
  4. Mike, I just wanted to say the flies I got from you were and are awesome! Many of them were slaying kings not so long ago (small forest green on egg hook was nailed by them repeatedly until I ran out but I took a pic of the fly first!) and the fish were more aggresive on my (your) patterns than those of my friends! Looking forward to hooking some steel with them next week!

    Thanks again and stay safe!
  5. i'm curious to see which fly was working so that i can tie some more up. glad you liked them.
  6. Mike, sorry a bit slow in responding to this and frankly I didn't know the name of the type but since found out.

    It was your teeny nymph's in a deep/darker (non luster/flat) green, number 2 or 4 hook I'd guess and likely the teeny nymph hook (a bit open gape/not my fav but maybe they're great). Had a red thread head.... let me know if you want to sell more:cool:
  7. Mike,

    Thanks for the M-16, M-4 and the 50 cal. I got a chance to fish with each last weekend and the 50 cal was the best overall "shock and awe" fishing weapon. I mounted it on the front of my jet boat and went down to the Columbia in the persuit of some squawfish. I quickly realized that I had to account for the light defraction in water but once I got the hang of it, I was able to get one after another. The upside to the 50 cal was that due to the heavier grain weight of each bullet, each round penetrated deeply and stayed on target. The downside was that it created a larger "white mouse" and you had to do short bursts and wait for the spray to settle and then you were on point once again. Another fisherman asked me this question, "How can you shoot Squawfish?" and I replied, "Its easy, you just don't lead them that far!":rofl::rofl::rofl:
  8. i like the teeny hooks cause they stay sharp and are very dureable. if the fly had a tail then it was the teeny egg sucking leech, if not then just a teeny nymph with a red head for a little different color. i plan on tying up some more boxes when i get home and selling some.

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