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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by DLoop, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. Sorry guys, i just picked up more stamps today. I always check that i have the right adresses though. I keep on thinking that i am going to get flies but they never come. So they should be in your box by the weeks end.

    You guys are kinda pushy today, I set a deadline a month and a half away, i received 3 sets of flies in that due date, and one after. So when I went to buy some stamps, which I spent 10 dollars on because only one person sent me some money (thankyou dloop) I had my bike stolen while at the post office. Later that day I lost my stamps to mail the flies while on the bus back home. I am goin to leave for the post office right now so you guys will get your flies the end of the week. :hmmm
  2. Just to keep the record straight, the swapmaster I described in my post was not Madison_Angler. It was someone else. I wasn't involved in M_A's swap.

  3. No offense, but what do you mean by I "disapeared"? I post on this forum every day almost. If you needed to reach me, email me or just post. Now the flies are out and will be there either tomorow or the next day.

    Lighten up guys, afterall arent we here and fishing for good ole times sake?
  4. >Lighten up guys, afterall arent we here and fishing for
    >good ole times sake?

    Yes and no.

    The message I hear loud and clear in this thread is that a number of guys got their flies in on time and then never heard back from the swapmeister. They shouldn't have to wonder weeks later what happened.

    IMHO, it's one thing to let a due date for a swap slide a day or two so stragglers can get their flies in on time. It's another thing entirely to be weeks late and end up being goaded into action by the guys who sent in flies weeks or months before.

    As Roper said, you can run your swap any way you want. But when I run mine, the deadline's the deadline. If flies aren't in by then, those guys aren't included in the swap. Period. It's more important to me that the flies that have arrived get sent out on time than everyone waiting for a tardy few.

    Fly swaps are an exercise in integrity - doing what you say you're gonna do when you say you're gonna do it. When that doesn't happen, people's expectations aren't met and some folks rightly get a little pissed.
  5. I agree fully and am taking blame for the fact that they were wondering where the flies were. And I am sorry for that and shouldve probably just sent the flies out. But I thought with only 3 peoples flies in at the time I should wait until at least half of them showed. But they never did and the flies are out in the mail at this point.
  6. Hi there,
    I have participated in 4 fly swaps and have bee very pleased with the results.

    I am right now in the middle of my first as a swapmiester and things have been fairly smooth so far.

    Fortuna makes some great points above in this thread:

    I was in his damsel swap and must agree the SASE was a great idea.

    I have also been in swaps run by Ron Eagle Elk and those have gone without a hitch as well.

    Bottom line, I think the Meister has the responsibility to update and remind folks, set a firm deadline, and stick to it.

    Peace and GO DAWGS,
  7. Hang on Daddy-o you didn't get any money from me I could have sworn I put cash in there??? if I didn't send any money let me know and I will send some in the mail. and those others who didn't send in there fly's to heck with them. and sorry you got your bike stolen ! what a bummer day that was! I can sympathize with you I have ADD and probably would have forgot I was even the swapmeister(LOL)
  8. Leaky, I saw how you ran your swap (and Ron as well) and I wished I had joined them both. THAT is how the swaps should go--lots of up-to-date communication.

    This thread has given me hope that the awareness levels of all those involved in swaps is higher, and that people will be more likely to give their best from now on.

    I am contemplating a swap of my own in the next few weeks. Details to follow.

  9. I also have to compliment ron eagly elk on that swap. Lots of upt o date info and stuff. SO i think I am retiring form the swapmeister buisinuss and let other handle it.
    Dont worry about it nwflyfisher, think of it as payment for them being late and you turning yours in. It should be the people who didnt send their flies who should send money.
    I wouldnt have been so mad about my except its my only mode of transportation as I dont have liscense until january.
  10. So first things first, I'm one of the guilty parties in this swap. Without making excuses, this was my first swap, and I seriously over-committed myself. Between fixing up an old house for rental and moving, my whole life has been topsy turvey. Even so, any flak that I take I certainly deserve. But what I can say is that if I get the mailing addresses of each of the involved parties for the swap, that they will recieve the beadheaded olive, deep sparkle emerger as promised. If this doesn't work out, then the swap coordinator is going to end up with a dozen of these things that he can do with what he wants. Since this is a public forum I figured that if I don't deliver, I'll end up getting flamed so hard that I won't be able to type with the crispy ends of my fingers for a long time....
  11. >But swap participants have obligations as well.
    >Don't sign up unless you have every intention and
    >opportunity to complete your flies. Signing up for a
    >swap even though you know you'll be away on a 3 week
    >vacation, starting a new job, studying for finals or
    >can't afford tying materials comes under the heading of
    >'irresponsible' in my book.

    Guilty as charged... Hopefully this won't blackball me from future swaps, but if I do join swaps, it will be at a time when I'm not moving and up to my ears in work! :(

    >Here's a few random thoughts about swap etiquette.

    Thanks for sending this out. I had a lot of assumptions on how most swaps are run, and all of them were things that I broke :(

    -- Cheers
    -- James
  12. In retrospect, since I was the one who f***ed things up, I should be the one who sets it straight. For those in this swap that were interested in recieving a fly, please just email your info and I'll get them out ASAP (i.e. they will be out on friday).
  13. Sorry All, but I just got back and am catching up. First, thanks for the kind words about the swaps I've run. Nice to hear that every now and then.

    Second, I agree with Fortuna. Participating in a swap is an exercise in integrity and personal responsibility. If you host the swap, keep the communication lines open and flowing, and do a quick turn around on getting the flies back out. If you sign up to tie for a swap, tie whats required and meet the deadline or don't sign up. That simple.

    Nice to be back.


  14. So I've only recieved a single private response for the late flies. If anyone is still interested in getting your flies, please let me know soon. Also, for the person that put on the swap, I'll be sending some flies your way also...

    -- Cheers
    -- James

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