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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Thomas Williams, May 24, 2013.

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    I wanted to give props to Big-E (member/admin) for tying ups some custom flies for me. He is one hell of a tier and his prices are fair and the quality is excellent. I had noticed his skills from reading the forum and on a whim asked him to tie me up some Vladi Worms. I consider myself a decent tier but I've got a ton to learn still. When I asked he was excited to take on a project and offered me a more than fair price. He tied them up and had them shipped off to me in no time and I was pretty pumped when I opened the box and saw the worms. Great ties. Moral of the story is Big-E wants to take on more tying orders and the man is over qualified. So if you've got a pattern in your head that you can't find in stores or a pattern just outside your skill set give him a shout you will not be disappointed! You won't find a better person to take on the challenge and believe me the man enjoys it. Anyways just wanted to give credit when its deserved. Thank you Eric you have my future business. I see galloup flies on your vice in the future! Thanks again. Heres a shot of the worms. By the way I pulled over 15 fish out of the Truckee River yesterday with these. A couple were no longer recognizable!


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    I used to use a guy out of La Grande Oregon (but now he doesn't do it because of age) when I used to travel and not have enough time to tie my own. I also never liked tying tiny dries for spring creeks all over the western states. I would order a 100 at a time sometimes, it was great having an option to my crappy tying! Great that the site has someone willing and able to custom tie! I also just talked to a friend who's fishing with me that feels guilty for using all my flies though I don't mind and just mentioned big-E to him. Maybe a couple more of my friends will do the same and I can just tie a few extra instead of 20 patterns to make sure I have everyone covered -hint - hint - buddies ;)
  3. Big E

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    Thanks for the props Thomas. I enjoyed tying them and am thrilled that they brought you some fish to hand.
  4. After reading Thomas's post I contacted Eric about tying me some saltwater flies I could use for rockfish/lingcod from the jetty because I was having trouble finding ones that were to my liking. I don't tie myself so I was pretty worthless (as with most things) when it came to telling him what I wanted, but he asked me a couple questions about what I wanted to use them for and he did the rest. I don't know if these flies have any particular names but they are mostly streamers that have a good bit of weight in the head and a couple smaller unweighted ones if I want to fish more shallow. I couldn't be happier with how they turned out and they definitely beat the pants of the flies I was using before.

    At any rate, I hit the jetty today and turned one of these
    into one of these
    and then into these

    I caught a few dinky ones after this, all in all a great day.

    Thanks again Eric.
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    Most excellent Chris. Glad you were able to break your slump. I told you I had a feeling about that green one. Been working on modifying the pattern a bit for tubes and looking forward to introducing them to the salmon in a month or so.
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  6. Nice, I was thinking tubes might not be a bad idea for the jetty too, could make it easier to switch out the hook when they start to get dull. I started out yesterday using the reddish/white ones (lower left in photo). I didn't get any love with those ones but I constantly had a steady stream of really small fish following it as I stripped it in. After a bit I switched to the black/purple one (lower middle in photo) and didn't get any hits and it seemed I was getting the followers as consistently. I switched it up to the green one (upper middle in photo) and that's when I picked up the fish in the photo and a couple wimpy ones too. All told I was out there about 3 hours to fish the tide change, I felt like the bite was just getting started when I left but I had to meet a guy to buy some new waders.