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  1. Urine staining: There is a fly pattern called the Tups Indespensible. One of the ingredients in the dubbing mix is urine stained hair from a ram's testicles.
    Many, many, many moons ago, one of my fly tying mentors gave me a small amount of this hair. I still have it. Never used it. You can imagine how cool it was to have such a thing as a kid. Way cool! Almost as cool as the hare's mask he gave me.
  2. The oddest material I've ran across for tying flies was the use of barn owl eye lashes. I didn't even know owls had eye lashes.

    Gin isn't too keen on my bunny faces. However, if you want to tie a genuine Gold Ribbed Hares Ear, you need the mask. The body color of a GRHE is much different when you follow the original instructions and use the mask and ear hair than the color of pattern you end up with when you use the dubbing from a package.

    I think we're off the original topic of the thread.
  3. I'd say I have probably close to 100. I have tried taking them apart to save the hooks but found out I tie a pretty durable fly. I make sure the only people who see these flies are people who know nothing at all about fly tying. They think they are great. Lots of oohs and aahs.
  4. 1. Does the far side of the flies you tie look as good and the same as the near side? Close, if I use a rotary vice.
    2. How many consecutive times have you stuck your finger(s) on the hook of the fly you are tying? As shaky as I am in my old age, it's an expectation with times too numerous to count . . .
    3. If you use the "sucking method" of bobbin threading, what is the longest length of thread that you have inhaled? None since I bought a bobbin-threader.

    4. what % of your tying materials have never been used more than once? -- I'd guess 5-10%; i phase this stuff out pretty quickly, but I DO still have some Herter's hooks, lol.
    5. How many flies do you have on hand, that you have tied, that you think you'll never fish with? Lessee, been tying since I was 8; I'm now pushing 65; tying is my theraputic release; my Kids don't fish; LOTS!

  5. I don't give away my faulty flies... I only give away the best stuff... I have a reputation to keep:)

    (if the hooks start rusting... I toss the flies)
  6. The far side usually looks better!

    3/4 pt hemoglobin. after a while volume is what matters.

    2" plus dust, hair, dubbing, feather fibers and some things I don't want to know the name of.

    >50% has never been used because I can't a. remember I already have 5 packs of whatever it is; or b. can't resist a bargain. 25% has been used once, 10% gets used some and 15% gets used alot.

    last year I left two boxes sitting on a rock in UT containing about 300 flies. then I several boxes to people who looked/acted like they'd appreciate them and I still have more flies than I can count. so I'd say several thousand.
  7. Ya know - I don't give away my shitty flies either. I have HUNDREDS!!
    I only give away my better ones and fish with my best ones. I just feel that if I give someone my crappy flies they would probably figure it out.
  8. I only throw flies to the side of the fish that reveals the good side of my fly. Sounds like an idea for a cartoon, Gene.
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  9. I thought this was a better question to replace #1 in the original thread:
    1. Which side of your flies looks better: the far side, the near side, or neither side.:)

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