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  1. What do you guys use to transport your fly tying kit? I notice there are a lot of tying specific bags made, but they come at quite the cost. Also, what are you using at home to store the various material and keep it organized. My tying kit has taken over my rod building bench and I want more organization.
  2. My wife bought me some plastic boxes (tote bins) at Wal-Mart.
  3. binders with clear sheet protectors. You can get them in trading card , 4x6 photo size and full sheet pages. Then if you find a little food saver deal, like the ones they used to sell on TV for sealing bags of chips, you can make compartments in the full sheet ones and have little slots to put your flash packages.
  4. I use lots of plastic boxes, it keeps things a bit organized. I also use metal shower curtain rings to keep similar material together such as dubbing. One ring for natural dubbings, one for synthetic, etc. It makes it easier to find what you want, and I can guarantee, I have far more materials than most would even consider.
  5. Genius. Thank you. A three ring binder with ziplock pages and pencil pouches would be perfect and much cheaper than similar offerings from orvis and fishpond
  6. The binder is a good idea but pretty soon, you'll be buying binders by the dozen as you add materials. I use the drawers in my desk plus a bunch of these plastic storage drawers and some larger plastic bins with lids.
  7. If I`m just going over to a buddy`s place for a tying session , or If I want to pack enough tools and materials for a trip , I have no problem stuffing it all in a 3 dollar thrift shop lap-top bag .
  8. yah I have lots of plastic bin space, but all the smalls go in a binder with trading card pages. Hooks, beads/cones, sticker eyes, rubber legs, v rib, chenille, and all sorts of other stuff fits into 1 binder with plenty of space for expansion. The slots are the exact size for daiichi and gamakatsu hook packages, and then you dont have to ditch the packaging and put all your hooks in little bins.
    Also the accordion style file folders work well for feathers and fur when packing up to tie at a friends house.

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  9. for transport i bought a cheap tackle bag from amazon which i find holds all my stuff i need for shows. I usually lift the materials from the drawers and put them in large freezer bags to keep them grouped. then when i'm done, just put them all back in the drawers form whence they came.
    The link above is the exact bag i use, and doubles as a tackle bag for the majority of its use.
    I also use the storage drawers described above.

  10. I bought a plastic tool box, one with those small individual compartments on the top for hooks, beads, etc. Then inside, it has one of those trays with a handle, with a couple separate compartments to keep things separate.

    Also, the outside is wrapped with a canvas/nylon jacket, that has several pockets.

    Works awesome! Great for travel, camping, and storage. I can put just about everything in that tool box, but can swap things out if I'm going camping and only need certain materials.

    It cost me $11 on sale at Ace Hardware
  11. I went out and got some stuff last night and made myself a travel binder. I found the chenille wouldnt stay in the card slots so I just put in some zip lock pages. I have all my hooks/beads/weight in the trading card pages and it works perfect. I just keep all my thread in a Plano 3600 box separate.

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