FS Fly tying material, $250

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by bconrad, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. I have way too much stuff...clearing out a bunch of fly tying materials.

    The list

    2 whole pheasant skins black and orange
    3 packs ostrich
    whole bucktail gray
    1 pack black bird fur
    2 packs saltwater yak hair
    1 peacock, not tails, the green stuff
    5 packs misc fur

    4 Enrico Puglisi dubbing brush packs
    4 packs misc flash/streamer hair

    10 chunks various foam stuff

    5 packs Alec Jackson Spey and Steelhead hooks
    couple incomplete Tiemco steelhead hook packs

    3 gamakatsu fly tying hook packs
    2 tiemco salt water hook packs
    20 more packs of misc hooks

    12 packs misc coneheads and beads

    4 packs misc fly tying tubes

    31 spools of thread, floss, tinsel

    2 blue eared pheasant packs, jumbo size, couple feathers gone
    2 bronze mallard packs
    white/black amherst head (reverse spiders)
    misc waterfowl feathers 7 packs

    20 packs misc rabbit (crosscut and strips)\

    6 packs deer hair

    12 packs marabou

    6 packs bucktail

    18 packs misc hackle

    34 packs misc body material, including chenille, estaz, braid.

    I put a bunch of photos up, they should be good enough to zoom in and take a look at the details.

    I added all this up, over $500 worth of stuff, I am asking $250. Please do not ask me to split this up. If I can't get a decent price I will donate it.

    IMG_20130610_204734.jpg IMG_20130612_200031.jpg IMG_20130612_200514.jpg IMG_20130612_200750.jpg IMG_20130612_202413.jpg IMG_20130612_203051.jpg IMG_20130612_203319.jpg IMG_20130612_203943.jpg IMG_20130612_204512.jpg IMG_20130612_204512.jpg IMG_20130612_205046.jpg IMG_20130612_205326.jpg

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  2. Bump...

    Would also consider a trade for a switch sized click pawl reel.
  3. PM sent
  4. Still available?
  5. Is the cat included? :D. J/k
  6. I sold this stuff to itsbenlong quite a while back.
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